Adam Professionally

If there is a stranger needing to talk about life’s problems they always find me.  I’m the guy that gets approached in coffee shops by strangers in reply to my polite smile and nod.  I often find myself at the center of a hodgepodge group of people all connected because they somehow know me.  I am a people connector and relationship builder.  The common theme throughout my young life has been that I am effortlessly able to build and maintain great relationships.  I am a people person that doesn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t make a living off what I am good at naturally.  Isn’t that the American Dream anyways, finding something you are good at and making a living off it?  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get paid for just connecting a bunch of guys who would never know each other by gathering them to play basketball.  I am confident, however, that I can find a career where my strength of relationship building can be utilized to help others. 

I’m a thinker, I look at the world and see possibilities everywhere and am excited by all the opportunities I do see.  I am great at analyzing abstract ideas and providing an array of solutions.  I have an insatiable desire to learn, I enjoy broadening my base of knowledge and having an open mind.  I’m self-motivated, thrive under pressure, and am great at multi-tasking.  I don’t know of any box to think within, I am good at promoting alternative solutions or experimenting in order to reach a solution.  I am a risk taker and innovative thinker.  I am able to be subjective and consider every perspective when offering resolutions.  I’m naturally curious and am not afraid to ask questions, I find others fascinating and enjoy understanding different perspectives and desires. 

All in all I was born to help people. Meeting with someone, listening to what they do and what they desire, then helping them think through how to get there is what I do naturally and best.  This is the best fit for me professionally and I am tailor-made for that.  Given the opportunity I know I could be very successful and help others achieve their success as well.  I'm always looking for opportunities to express my strengths and be challenged.

If you're interested in my resume, please let me know and I can forward it to you.