Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm back! Freeeeeedoooooom!!

Email has become such a frequent medium of “communication” that it is often ignored causing some things to be overlooked that probably require your attention. Such was the case with my Go Daddy account. I let me domain expire. I use a simple Google blogger interface and link my domain to have a clean, personalized website for myself. It’s where I contemplate life, give my personal and professional experiences, and hope to become a bit more visible in our ever-evolving virtual world.

That all came to a halt when I let that domain go expired though. Go Daddy wanted me to pay some additional exorbitant penalty fee for renewing my expired domain, which I flat out refused to do. I understand the business and this was probably in my contract when I signed up, but to freeze an account until the “owner” of the domain pays your high fee is ridiculous. I thought I’d beat the system and fight the power and try to buy it with a different email address, however, Go Daddy wouldn't sell it to me because the domain was already owned by another user. “Hey, I’m that user, but you won’t let me have it unless I pay your fee!” I grimaced to myself as I made my decision to let the domain go; thus my long absence from any sort of writing and noticeable lack of web-presence since last December (2013). Lesson here is renew your domain name and all will be well in the world wide web.

I’m back! I got smart and just decided to remove the custom domain name from my blogger account settings. My blog is now unlocked and ready for me to publish. I’m still considering buying a new domain from Go Daddy, but I truly do not appreciate their hidden fees and unwavering and inflexible customer service so the largest portion of me is holding off doing business with them. I don’t like being put in a position where I am forced to do anything; I want my freedom (said in my best William Wallace). I also need to express myself to purge my mind so I am not so unfocused. Writing is like therapy to me. 

In other news:

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