Friday, December 6, 2013

Where is God (Logic)?

I suppose this is the question we would probably be best suited to ask ourselves throughout our experiences.  The healthiest thing we can do is reflect on where God exists within our environments and experiences. This frequent reflection gives us a stopping point of sorts, a ground zero, a base line off which we can operate and live.  The question doesn’t beg a logistical answer either, it’s not asking a location or longitude or latitude coordinates or even a pie in the sky ideology that boasts an old guy with white hair sitting in the clouds with a shiny crown on either.  Where does God exist within your experience, how is he involved, how to you view him, etc, etc.  That’s the question to ponder.

One of my professors in college used to always get on me about writing in a passive voice.  I write in a passive voice because I’m open to being wrong and I’m also open to my experience being just that, an experience in a broader prism of experiences that others have, allowing for unique experiences and individuals space to experience life and God on their own.  Standardization of anything within the context of spirituality is dangerous; space for unique experiences must be made.
So, back to pondering this huge question; maybe you won’t have or get to an answer, but the thought alone has great value.  Due to some recent life-altering circumstances I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately.  I’ve been thinking of writing about this for a bit anyways, but a comment from a friend really urged me to.  I once heard one of my favorite minds and writers say that writing shouldn’t be something you simply do, but something that is burning inside of you that you are compelled to get out of you.  My friend’s response to a simple comment I made was the extra nudge I need to compel me.
She was telling me how she was depressed and needed to take some meds.  My response was that she should also drink some Jesus juice.  When I use the term Jesus juice I’m referring to wine, based on his first miracle to turn water into wine. I don’t think she understood my little joke, but her response was still peculiar and moving to me.  “Oh, He’s been ignoring me lately.”  I take that to be in reference to Jesus. Using deductive reasoning I also take that to mean she feels like the circumstances surrounding her depression are caused by a lack of Jesus’ attention.  Following that same path a little further down that implies that bad things happen because God lets them and that somehow that means when bad things happen it’s because God somehow has turned his back or is too busy. The implications of this understanding of circumstances and God are quite complex. That line of thought would support several unhealthy and false conclusions like good things only happen to people God favors or conversely bad things only happen to people who God is ignoring or has no love for.

It’s not just what you think of God, more importantly, in my humble opinion; it’s why you think what you think about God, analyzing the logic behind your conclusion.  Considering where God is starts with analyzing why you have come to the conclusion that you have.  My hope for anyone I have the opportunity to have a relationship with throughout my life is that I can always lead folks to consider this question.  Considering this question alone is huge for someone’s life.  May you consider where God is in your life, keeping in mind it’s different for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay. 

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