Thursday, July 12, 2012

NO CREDIT NO PROBLEM!!!! (the problem is you yelling…)

Bad credit may not be a problem, no credit may not be a problem, no money down may not be a problem, but something within me thinks yelling at consumers may be. 

My family has the distinct ability to take something that is said once and run with it.  Each morning on the way to work I am amused and little bewildered by the car sales commercials I hear on the radio.   My in-laws never answer their home phone (yes, I realize it is 2012, however, they still do have a land line, oh yea and AOL) as a way to screen telemarketers (by the way, can we universally agree to just call them telephone sales people and take the marketing name away…presents a huge identity problem for marketing I think).  So when we call we leave messages, once they realize it is us calling they will answer. Because we think it’s funny that they do this we (which means me) leave ridiculous messages pretending to be telephone sales people.  This process has led me to some rich impersonations including most recently the annoying yelling car salesman on the radio.    We all know the guys I’m referring to right?  The dramatic music with the emphatic BAM sounds behind the guy yelling theatrically, “HOT HOT HOT, THIS SUMMER IS HOT AND SO ARE THESE DEALS, NO CREDIT, BAD CREDIT, NO PROBLEM, WE’LL PAY TEN THOUSAND MORE FOR YOUR OLD CAR, COME IN NOW, KIA HONDA TOYOTA, FORD, WE SELL IT ALL, COME DOWN TODAY!” 

I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m kind of a nerd.  Not nerdy in the lack of style or social skills kind of way because let’s be honest, I’m kind of a cool dude, I’m talking nerdy as in I love to learn and am very curious.  My initial response to these commercials is laughter because they are so confusing to me.  It’s confusing because I wonder about the logic behind them yelling.  I can imagine that this guy was hired for sales on the actual lot and started yelling at customers so management said, “Oh no bro, you got to go, you are scaring people, let’s put him on the radio.”  So now this socially inept cat is on the radio yelling at people he can’t see and thus cannot scare because they can just turn the channel.  I don’t think it is wise or socially healthy for people to act without reason or understanding.  I wonder if these commercials and the yelling have any logic behind them from a marketing standpoint.  Is there a strategy to it?  Does yelling about great sales somehow psychologically alter a person’s perception so much that they are willing to buy?  Is this some sort of Jedi-mind-trick?  How much return are they seeing off these commercials?  Do they see a greater return when their tone is aggressive?  There must be some bean counter in the back of the dealership somewhere that knows how many new sales are generated off these radio spots right?  Or is this about quantity over quality?  There’s a local couple of sisters that have commercials that are very low budget and truly cheesy, but literally they have a new one weekly, which comes with it’s own new theme.  My best example is the Halloween edition, “Scary credit, don’t let that spook you, come on down, etc etc.”  Is the goal to flood the radio waves with your name so much that you are just known? 

There must be some marketing company out there advising these folks or they are simply repeating a pattern of sales and a style of advertising that’s been this way for years without any forethought.  Can we stop all the yelling and maybe explain to me why it is you must scream at me and play such dramatic music on the background?  Let’s be honest, if I go to BestBuy and some dude screams at me about a TV I’m walking out, why is this logic any different when it comes to radio or cars?   I'm all ears folks, and willing to help turn things around for you, let's stop all the yelling.  

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