Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hope Springs

I’m confident that some if not all of my neighbors think my wife and I are crazy.  We are the new kids on the block.  We bought our first home in an old neighborhood at the heart of the Arts & Design District nestled away on a quaint little cul-de-sac.  We’re the youngest couple by far.  There are actually some original homeowners still living in this neighborhood!  When weather permits we walk to as many things as we can in the District.  One of the many things we have done and continue to do is yard tours.  Julia loves gardening and nature, so with great excitement she grabs my hand and walks me around the yard during the summer to show off her handiwork.  Our yard is beautiful because of it and I truly enjoy these tours.  If you’re in Indiana then you know it has been an unusually warm “winter” this year, so much so that last week on one of the nicer days Julia took me on a spring tour.  With enthusiasm she pointed out the buds on tress and her prized bulbs breaking the ground surface.  All this made me think of one word, hope. 

The glimmer in her eyes matched the pep in her step and joy in her voice as she took me on the tour and pointed out new birth beginning to show signs of spring.  She was so excited because these gave her hope for spring.  This got me thinking, what makes me have hope and what is it I am hoping for?  To extend that to you, what do you hope for and what triggers enthusiasm for that hope?  Julia hopes for summer, she loves summer days full of gardening, cheap beer, grilling out for dinner, and time spent together under the sun.  When she sees signs for what she hopes in she is filled with excitement.  Some hope in a god, some in a season, and others in a vast universe of other possibilities.  So what is it that you hope for?  What excites you for things to come or the arrival of what you hope for?

Furthermore, bringing this all back to a personal level, in life, are you someone who offers hope?  Are you a person that offers signs of hope to others?  Hope that people are kind?  Hope that people forgive?  Hope that good manners aren’t just a state of nostalgia your grandmother lives in?  Hope that humanity is decent?  Hope that integrity still exists?  Hope for love?  Hope builds and gives life.  If you’re not offering hope what are you offering?  Like the aura of delight surrounding Julia as she shows me the tip of a daffodil coming up  on a day in late February, do you cause joy in others?  Random thought while walking around the yard I know, but one so simple and powerful that shouldn’t not be considered.  Do you inspire hope?

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