Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lin (A Story of Preparation)

How can a Taiwanese Ivy League graduate with a degree in economics help you in your personal and professional life?  Within his inspiring story there is a principle that can change your life and business,  the principle of luck.  Jeremy, like Tim Tebow, is a polarizing figure in the sports world right now because there is so much hype surrounding him.  Before you get excited either way at me saying the principle of luck can be pulled from his story allow me to define luck in this context.  In a traditional sense I do not believe in luck, things don’t randomly happen to random people with no connections.  Our world is far too complex for anything to be left to that kind of random luck.  My definition of luck is and has always been where preparedness intersects with opportunity.  This takes some power away from the intangible nebulous expectations people have that lead to unhealthy thoughts.  Before being able to buy into this there is another world view that supports this view of being prepared for opportunity.  The most important is that we cannot control factors outside of ourselves.  We cannot control the all the things in our environment outside of ourselves and the more we try the worse we make things.  Since we have no control over external variables then it is our responsibility to worry about preparing ourselves for life.  If we focus our strengths on preparing ourselves for what will eventually come that we cannot control we will go through life much happier and healthier.

The story of Lin’s assent to a starting role on the New York Knicks has been well documented up to this point.  Some media outlets and sports personalities are making this story more sensational than it really is.  The circus surrounding Lin right now is based on the false belief that somehow this Lin kid is achieving what he shouldn’t therefore this is a story of inspiration for those who don’t think they can.  I call BS on that storyline.  I don’t think Lin would tell you he is surprised at how well he has performed.  He may be surprised by the media attention, but as far as his performance and contributions on the hardwood Lin probably doesn’t see what the big deal is.  That’s because Lin has prepared himself night and day for the opportunity he has and is conquering.  Beyond the story line of an undrafted kid out of Harvard who didn’t even make it there on an athletic scholarship there is one of the benefits of focusing on preparing yourself for opportunity.  Lin has prepared himself throughout his high school, college, and now professional career for the opportunity to play at the highest level.  Not getting drafted and getting cut by several teams were outside of his control so instead of allowing those external factors to which he had no control crush him and stop him from moving forward he continued to prepare.  This preparedness eventually paid off as the opportunity came.  Opportunity is inevitable; it is only when you are prepared that 1 you notice it and 2 you are ready to take advantage of it. 

Whether you are looking for a job or career change like me, trying to get into a particular college, building a new company, or even trying to play a sport, take hope in the ideology that preparing yourself is what is important and trust that in doing so you will eventually run across that opportunity that you’ll be prepared for.  Being prepared for that opportunity you’ll shine and become a star in your own respect.  Jeremy Lin’s story is unfortunately being high jacked by sensationalist type story lines when in reality the focus of it all should be on preparing individually for inevitable opportunity.

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