Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Adam (an open letter about journey/process)

This morning as I stood in the living room I felt the burden you have of making something happen in 2012, but I also know how hard you can be on yourself.  In an attempt to stop you from allowing doubt and impatience to tear you down I thought it’d be wise to write you(me) a letter as a reminder of where we've been in 2011 so 2012 will look brighter when times seem dark. 


This is a date that should not be forgotten.  This is a pivotal day in your life, one in which you decided to stop floating and put in the tough work of discovering yourself.  You first exchanged emails with Barb on this date (Barb is a career counselor that I met to dig in deep on deciding a career choice based on data).  Through personality and other platform tests Barb helped you discover your intuitive and most natural strengths and personality traits.  Through this you discovered who you are and why you were, what made you tick.  This was a great bottom line to discover because it helped you really understand why you were good at some things and not good at others.  Often times people get confused and think they are incapable or not smart enough to do certain things when in reality the true focus should be on what they should be doing as an expression of their natural makeup.  You now know your strengths and over the past 7 months have worked hard at trying to focus them. 

Based on all this information the top three careers that people like you were successful and happy in were (in order) 1. Professional athlete 2. Marketing/Advertising 3. Mental Health Counseling.  Marketing/Advertising ended up being what you chose to focus your strengths on and explore.  Starting from scratch you researched and contacted as many advertising and marketing agencies as you could.  Through that you have met a great number of good people, people who now know your story and what kind of journey you are on.  You’ve networked and marketed yourself so well over the last 7 months that in a horrible economy, with zero experience, and no connections you have received 2 flattering job offers.  Sure it is easy to get down about these opportunities not working out, but remember that these were people interested in you, enough so to desire you as an employee.  Circumstances didn’t allow these to blossom into anything more than flattering offers, but you learned a lot from each and met great folks as well.  It’s easy to get discouraged because you have not found the perfect opportunity yet, but you’ve accomplished much through marketing yourself the way you have.  Keep up the work, and when you doubt read this, be reminded that you are doing the right things. 

I’m not one to think I know it all or ever will, I just hope others can learn from my experience.  I hope you may glean something from this open letter.  If nothing more, I hope you can find the encouragement the future me will need throughout this journey.  Stay strong friend and trust in yourself and the process, be patient, be grateful, and trust you do and will reap what you sow.

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