Friday, December 16, 2011

Your Dinner's Dad

Be careful to manage your brand appropriately and concisely.  Brand management is essential to personal and professional success.  The biggest fear any business or individual may have is becoming irrelevant or unfavorable.  Evading these ghastly outcomes is a culmination of how one manages their brand. 

Determining what a brand is and how that term is relevant to individuals would be a great way to start.  But instead I’ll start with your dinner’s dad, a Cow.  Farmers brand their cows as a way to identify them.  They take a hot iron twisted and manipulated into some form and sear the flesh of the cow.  This is an easy way to encompass identity.  This farming term has been translated into the business world as a way for an organization to establish their identity.  Branding should not be limited to business and farming.  Branding is essential to personal success as well.  Professional and personal success may look a bit different, however, have a similar adversary.  Individually and professionally becoming irrelevant or undesirable is the dark place no one wants to visit. 

How does this happen, how does someone become irrelevant or unattractive to others?  It begins by understanding branding and, that even if unintentional, you are a brand.  Most often those who do not pay any attention to their brand become something they did not intend.  I addressed personal responsibility for what we produce for others to experience in my last blog.  To build upon that, once one accepts the responsibility for what they are putting out there they can then focus on the result they desire. 

If you are trying to start your own business you should create a brand, separate from your personal identity.  Your friends and loved ones support you, however, do not want to be bombarded with irrelevant content.  This does not mean your content is not good or that you are bad in some way, it just means our culture is all about relevant content; we don’t like content that is not directly relevant to us.  It is beneficial and more effective to focus on the brand you want to create. What message are you intending to sell?  Who is your audience?  What’s the desired outcome?  By focusing on these questions you can be concise in your approach of promoting your brand.  I made this suggestion to a good friend of mine recently.  I am a friend of his on Facebook and am genuinely interested in what is happening in his life as an individual.  I am not interested in mixed martial arts at all.  The advice I offered was to create a separate Facebook page for his mixed martial arts hobby.  This way he can post content that is relevant only to those who are interested in MMA.  His audience is focused and message is clear.  In branding it’s all about being concise and focused.  You must be clear about your identity.  Professionally and personally mismanaging your brand could turn you into content that is glossed over and not paid any attention to. 

Cows are uniquely identified by their brand.  It is important to farmers to clearly know where there cows are.  We have the same responsibility for our own brand; we must be intentional in how we identify ourselves to others.


  1. Here are some issues and stats:

    My facebook friends - 1490
    People who have 'liked' facebook page #1 - 350
    People who have liked page #2 - 486

    The way my main site works is that they click through affiliate links and I get a commission.

    People have no problem visiting my site (approx 3500 visits per month) and clicking my affiliate links (approx 1k per month), but without running any contests, they do not take the time to Like the facebook page.

    Facebook has recently clamped down on 'friending' people who you are not really friends with. In fact, I have been in trouble twice (yes, twice) with facebook because people can check that they do not know you instead of just denying your friend request. This means that starting a new facebook persona and adding new friends would take a very long time, nevermind having to log in to check messages, switch over all of my contacts, etc.

    Heck, maybe I should just make a new facebook persona for my personal life =o)

  2. I see your point Bear, thanks for the comment too. Yes, i would love a new persona for your personal life. I often times wonder if I should do something similar. I'd still like to talk to you about all this jazz too, maybe NYE.