Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupy What? (Part 4)

Here we go again folks.  Part 4 of 6 in my series of Q&A with Occupy participants, one form Oakland and another form Indianapolis.  I found myself overwhelmed and annoyed at the amount of news coverage and how frequent the reports are with the Occupy movement so stopped paying attention all together.  In an attempt to be a little educated I decided to interview two participants.  I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  Yes, if you have additional questions please let me know and I assure you they are more than willing to oblige.

Q&A with Leeza Faziolo (Steven Cooley’s friend)- Occupy Indianapolis
4. What challenge would you put out there for those who oppose the occupy movement?
I would challenge persons to ask themselves if they oppose the movement because they have a poor sense of self. Do they see members as jobless hippies or trendy hipsters and not wish to identify with that type of person. I would want them to ask if they oppose the movement because they are romantics or narcissists, idolizing the dream that one day they may be so exorbitantly successful that they would not want to answer to government themselves. I would want those on the cusp to ask if they feel unmotivated to pursue change because looking at change on this great of scale challenges their world view and concept of control making them feel impotent. I would ask confident and insightful people who stand in opposition to this movement and sincerely prescribe to a conservative agenda and the benefits they believe conservatism offers to our nation, to question whether or not the desire for a true representative democracy is really in opposition to those beliefs.

Q&A with Camile Graves (Ryan Graves sister)- Occupy Oakland
4. Tell me about your experience, has it been exciting, what type of things have you done, have you camped out, etc.
It's been very exciting! I've met a lot of people and heard a lot of interesting and touching stories! I've participated in marches and sat in on a lot of meetings where people circulate some really great ideas that will hopefully be acted upon soon. I haven't actually camped out because I don't have a tent, but I have stayed there overnight a few times just hanging out and chatting.

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