Friday, November 18, 2011

Thumb Horns

Vehicle horns should be on the pillar of the steering wheel rather than the center.  If you’re unfamiliar with what I am recommending thus far, take a look at the picture.  Where the volume controls are, that is where horns should be.  Hondas typically have the horns located here.  I drive a Honda so have become quite acquainted with this option.  Just today at lunch a truck pulled out in front of me, which blocked the view of another vehicle pulling out so I almost got crushed on both sides.  Initial reaction, which is natural and second nature now, was to throw my hand to the center of my steering wheel with disdain.  My wife was with me at the time and politely asks, “Why didn’t you beep?”  I went on to explain how my first reaction is to always slam my hand to the center of the steering wheel.  Because of this truth I have noticed I am not nearly as trigger happy on the horn as I was prior to my beloved little Honda.  I wonder if everyone’s horn was on the steering column if the aggressive usage would decrease.  There is something unspoken that quench the thirst of rage by slamming down on a horn while in traffic, however, if you removed the natural placement of the horn and decreased its accessibility I bet horns wouldn’t blare in traffic as the typically do.  Road rage could be significantly impacted for the positive with a move like this.  I suppose this is my random thought for the day, hope you enjoy.

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