Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Lessons for Success

Last weekend I attended the Indiana Small Business Expo and was fortunate enough to meet and listen to Susan Baroncini-Moe speak about being a successful entrepreneur, actually a mega-successful entrepreneur.  She prescribed 7 lessons that would aid in the process of being a mega-successful entrepreneur that I found interesting and helpful and decided I share.  Obviously, if you want more information on this you should go to her site or contact her, as she is the expert, not me, I’m just sharing in hopes someone benefits from my experience.

The seven lessons are pretty simple, yet when you take time to explore them reveal greater depth of success. 

  • Lesson of fervor
  • Lesson of expertise
  • Lesson of packaging
  • Lesson of magnetism
  • Lesson of service
  • Lesson of connection
  • Lesson of support

A brief description of each to consider as you may be on the same kind of journey I’m on trying to figure things out for yourself.  Fervor, find out what you are passionate about.  Not the unrealistic adage of doing what you love to do and get paid for it, because sometimes that just unrealistic.  Point and case, I love to play basketball, but I’m 5’10” and 28, so me going pro is probably not going to happen.  Find your thing that you are passionate about, the thing that you are involved in or after you are finished you feel like making a really weird girl squeal that you hope no one heard.  Find what you are passionate about first then continue on to success.  Expertise, find out what you have expertise in or go get expertise in whatever it is you are passionate about.  No one pays people who aren’t experts.  Packaging, you know it’s important, it’s the reason a Tiffany’s box will take your girl’s breathe away quicker than a Wal-Mart ring box containing the same ring.  Magnetism, this is a newer way of putting something that makes a ton of sense.  What’s your draw, why would someone want to use you as a business, what’s the force that attracts the business?  Service, which is based on a book by Bob Burg called The Go Giver.  The principle is basically that your focus needs to be about what you give rather than get to thrive.  What do you give to your clients?  Connection, it’s all about who you know, networking in several different capacities.  Support, how do you support those you connect with and provide a product or service for?  I’m sure Susan has much more to say about all this and it will do you and me good to seek more knowledge from her.

Again, I found these thoughts challenging and helpful as I sift through all this myself and hope you may as well.  Enjoy and thanks to Susan again for her knowledge and fervor for what she does.

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