Thursday, October 13, 2011

Change Leafs a Mess!

My favorite season is fall.  I am constantly reminded of change and most recently have seen that as beautiful as change is, sometimes it can make quite the mess that must be cleaned up, which is hard work. 

I’m from Florida, born and raised there 22 years of my life.  My family likes to call me and get weather updates during the winter, as to throw it in my face that it is 2 here and 70 there.  I miss Florida in the winter a lot, but not so much, actually not at all, during the fall.  The fall is beautiful!  The tress changing colors and nice temperatures make me love being in Indiana!  As much as I enjoy the canopy of gorgeous colors driving into my neighborhood, I’ve learned that all that pretty becomes quite ugly and messy when it hits your yard and driveway.  I’m very meticulous when it comes to my yard and driveway/porch.  This is our first house which makes it my first time ever having to deal with the beauty of fall in my yard.  I like my driveway and porch clear of any dirt or leaves and edged really nicely.  I like perfect lines in my yard.  Again, I am meticulous about my yard and driveway/porch.  Because of this not being able to see my driveway or yard due to leaves is quite troubling.  Being me, I decided to fix it after work one day and I got way in over my head and learned a valuable lesson.  I took my leaf blower and blew everything to the center of my yard, then raked them into nice piles, 6 in all.  Then I realized I was in over my head.  Within the first 30 seconds I had filled three bags and was running out of room in my trash can, so I decided to change tactics.  I broke out my mulching lawnmower and attacked the piles ferociously.  After about 3 hours I was a sweaty mess, but I was able to look at a clean canvas, just in time for more leaves to fall on it.  Lesson learned: Change is a beautiful aspect of life, but it takes hard work to clean up the mess it leaves or leafs (get it, nice word play).

As life changes the way we accept or deal with these changes can leave behind little messes.  It is our personal responsibility to resolve these messes that are caused by the changes.  It is hard work to deal with these things.  As life changes sometimes we deny or even fantasize that change happens.  That leaves a mess; it may hurt others or even isolate you and cause pain to yourself.  If I did not clean up the fallen leafs from my yard or driveway it would be an unsightly home.  The same is true of the results or consequences of change.  We must deal with change; we must commit to the difficult task and know that in the end the reason why fall is so pretty is because of the changes.  Different colors make a beautiful canvas for us to enjoy.  In the same way life’s changes make life beautiful.  Even though change is difficult it is well worth the hard work it takes to go through it and resolve it.  Even though raking is frustrating and makes my lower back hurt I’d take it just to see the beauty of fall.  Shouldn’t we feel the same about life and changes we encounter?


  1. Nope, sorry, nothing makes the raking leaves process "beautiful". I see your point . . . but I don't think so.

  2. Funny and I found myself agreeing last weekend as I mowed my grass twice just to mulch them all into the ground and look half way decent.