Monday, September 12, 2011

I Am the Sun

The truth is that we are the center of our universe, in terms of the marketplace.  We are not interested in things that do not benefit us in some way.  We are not interested in viewing, reading, watching, or entertaining anything with any of our senses if it is not directly relevant to me.  This is not, in any way, to say we are arrogant people.  I have experienced very giving and charitable people who could be described as selfless.  Even these selfless people are not interested in things that do not pertain to them though, from a sales or advertising standpoint.  The future of companies advertising and marketing themselves to consumers is very bright and full of changes, yet, as you look around many companies are downright throwing their money away on traditional mediums of expression.  When is the last time you saw a billboard and were inspired to buy that product or service?  On the same note, when’s the last time a commercial on TV or some busy jersey at a sporting event inspired you to buy?  If anything I find those kinds of advertisements repulsive and create distaste for the very product or service they’re attempting to get you to buy.  Why?  Simply put, neither I nor any other consumer is interested in buying something they don’t want.  Trying to make a consumer want to want something is no longer accurate or appropriate, especially with the change in communication this society has, social media.

Internet marketing is the way to go these days and companies owe it to themselves to get on the train early.  Twitter is popular and newspapers are declining because consumers only want to read or see things they deem valuable. Following online users’ interests and researching their values can allow a company to show them only what is relevant to them.  It is time for companies to stop thinking about how to get their name out and about alone.  Instead, learn what people are about and learn to only show your product to those who would be interested.  90% off a new, fancy stroller is a great deal, but doesn’t matter to me, as a young married guy with no kids.  The future looks a little more like twitter than we all would like to admit.  TV soon will all be through the internet and the only commercials shown to the viewer will be based on their interests and online activity.  I’m looking to adapt to these changes and help others along the way.  What about you?

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