Monday, September 12, 2011



There is only one place in the beautiful world that this statement is true, or at least thought to be true.  You can find this place under the bright lights of a big house, with wood floors reflecting all the self-proclaimed glory of your average recreational league basketball player.  I always find it a bit mind numbing to hear and see the things a bunch of grown-ups can think and do when on the basketball court.  Let’s start with a huge reality check about anyone who plays in a recreational league:

  1. 1.       The reason you play in a rec league is because you didn't make it pro
    1. a.       If you played college ball please see above
    2. b.      If you played a D1 school and average 70 points a game please see above

There are two unique groups within a rec league.  Within those two groups there are subcategories that can crossover between groups (see my past blog on this).  Overall though, there are two, the realistic guys trying to have a good time and the guys who lose all logical sense when those sneaks hit the hardwood.  The reason any of us are in a rec league is because we all have competitiveness running through our veins.  We are all united by our competitiveness and can be found on the edge of our seats most Sunday afternoons routing for our favorite teams.  Unfortunately, the two groups diverge from there unity when it comes to cognitive journeys.  One group realizes that even though they want to win and want to be good that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter and we get to go home to our real lives and hopefully hot wives.  This group is full of guys who crack jokes at each other and smile and laugh a lot.  These guys like playing together.  We will even go as far to create secret nights a week where only we type of guys are invited to play because we don’t do to well with the other group.  This other group is a small group; however, their big mouths and even loftier egos make it seem so much bigger than it is.  This group likes to argue every call and talk trash to people like they are getting paid to play or something.  Recently I played with a group of guys like this and heard the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in at least a week.  “I am un-guardable, there is no one out here who can guard me.”  This was said a mere 3 minutes prior to one of the slowest cats on the court stealing the ball from him.  What leads to this kind of ridiculous logic?  The reflection from the nicely waxed wood floors shows someone 40lbs heavier and at least 8 inches taller than what reality has given him.  The essence of what this group is about though is ego and that ego is what makes 1+1=17.  They don’t pass the ball because they truly believe that 1:5 ratio makes sense.  It’s almost like the hardwood gives these guys some kind of odd allergic reaction where any sense of logic dissipates into drooling foolish babbling.  This small group ruins games and makes it difficult for others to truly enjoy what is going on here, a bunch of people who are either past their prime or never made it trying to get out some of their competitive juices while smiling.

1+1=17 doesn’t it?  No fool, it equals two.  Off the basketball court 100% of dudes would agree to this logic, but for a few, when they hit that shiny pine, 1+1 does equal 17 and there is nothing you can do about it.  Question is, who are you?


  1. Thanks AC23...I try to be honest yet keep it a little light and make sure the reader laughs while digesting truth.