Monday, January 3, 2011

Progressive New Year

Happy New Year! As we enter 2011 I drag my same cynicism towards resolutions that I have had for years. The gym is always over crowded by well intentioned people who will only be memories by April. Fast food restaurants probably see a slight decrease in sales as Subway and other healthier options rule the market in a move to meet some sort of health resolution. I am hesitant to say resolution, but do find value in setting goals; personal, attainable goals, those in which a plan is made for.

A main differentiation between an animal mind and a human mind is the ideology of self-consciousness. Humans have the ability to reflect upon themselves and their environment unlike any animal brain in the world. Man can step back and observe, become a spectator, critique or admire the world he finds himself in. Man can analyze himself from a larger perspective. Now there is a difference in personality, intellect, and natural predispositions. Some are big picture thinkers, visionaries, those who think about large ideas. Those people are typically less practical than their counter parts. Those counter parts are more practical, day-to-day thinkers. I make that distinction because it is important for no one to feel discouraged about how they think about goals. My goals are going to be big picture for the most part, while another’s may be more practical. Neither are better, just a different and necessary, cognitive process. We big picture thinkers need the practical thinkers. For the most part in married couples there is one of each thinker, which causes a beautiful balance.

As I think of 2011 I have a list of goals. I would challenge you to think of goals for the New Year to work towards. Otherwise you end up just allowing life to happen to you rather than you happening to life. We are different than animals in our ability to reflect and think outside of the present. Don’t just float through life, set some kind of goals and work toward them. I work mine kind of like an outline. I set the goal and then set subsequent goals or methods in which I plan on meeting that goal. For example, I plan on publishing my book this year. A subset of this goal is to write at least 5 hours a week. A subset of that goal may be to write on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun for an hour a day. You get the point I suppose.

Hopefully you will join me in the adventure of looking forward and planning ahead to improve as a person and moving more toward an abundant life. Happy New Year!

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