Friday, November 5, 2010

I’ve Missed You

Here I sit with a very similar glow reflecting on my face.  The glow from my computer screen is almost invigorating, like the sun rays beaming down on vacation.  Many people find peace in the serenity of music or reading a good book among many other things.  I find my peace in front of this screen, it is my dumping ground for thoughts that fill my mind.  Recently, infrequent is the best description of me finding this place, this peace, this sweet release.  I’m not sure why I avoid or do not intentionally create time and space for this when I know it is my happy place, but I know when I do it is well worth the wait.  It’s like when I’m sitting here my fingers fly across my keyboard methodically like that of a pianist.  Even playing basketball doesn’t compare to when I write and if you know me at all you know how much I love the game of basketball.  As much as I fantasize about being a professional athlete discovered in the obscurity of the local community gym the hair on my neck stands thinking of writing.  Simplicity at it’s best is what I find here.  It is here when all the complexities of the world can be simplified and purged from my mind and soul.  I’ve missed this place and am working on getting back here more often.  If you are one who prays for others and remembers to after you say “I’ll pray for you,” I’d appreciate your prayers for me spending more time writing.  When I write I feel like I thrive.

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