Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking News: The Sky Is Blue!

Already, I’m tired of reading the Facebook statuses about Jennifer Knapp. A Christian artist came out and admitted she was a lesbian, a homosexual. Everyone is so supportive of this and it is such a big deal, so much so that literally 3 out of 6 statuses I read had something to do with it. I’m always a bit confused at the response to homosexuality, not by the church, I’ve come to expect a reaction, unfortunately, but by homosexuals; people who are attracted to the same sex. While they long for acceptance and rally for equality I support and think justice and peace is a worthy cause. Then I read articles that make a huge deal out of someone “coming out” or going public with their sexual orientation. Why is this such a big deal? Why is this news? Of all the fighting and steps made towards some kind of acceptance, at least much more than history has allowed before, I am baffled by the sexual orientation of someone being news. No one reports a celebrity saying that they are straight or heterosexual do they? No, because this is seen as a normal thing, no need to raise eyebrows. In the light of equality I am confused why homosexual preference is any more news than what color the sky is. If homosexuals wants equality and to not be seen as odd or peculiar for their sexuality then why is it that a flag is waved at the drop of any story of someone claiming this sexual preference? In the civil rights movement it would have been news for an African-American man to hold a position as a manager within a company. After years of fighting for equality and coming a long way no longer do you hear news of an African-American being a manager. This is not news because equality has been achieved, well for the most part, although there is still a long way to go for reconciliation. It would be odd if the African-American community celebrated sitting at the front of the bus or drinking out of a water fountain that a Caucasian just drank from because African-Americans view themselves as equal now. The media would not report a simple job promotion based on race because that would be implying that an African-American getting a job promotion is not the norm, which would be contrary to equality. Why would a homosexual or any person who believes they or the homosexual population deserves equality and that their sexual orientation should not be seen as out of the ordinary make such dramatic efforts to draw attention to this story? If equality is the goal, if making homosexuality nothing to be seen as abnormal then why is this news again?

Good for Jennifer Knapp for finding her sexual orientation, I support whatever it is that she needs to do to find herself. At the same time since I do not see this issue to be one that deserves much attention my fingers decided to do a little walking.  Breaking News: The Sky Is Blue!  That's not a big deal, so why is this?


  1. I think it's still news to the church. Many people live inside their own worlds, inside their church walls and don't know outside of that. In many ways the church has segregated themselves from the GLBT community because they view it as a sin. It's still news to them that a member of their "way" is gay, that it's not a choice or a lifestyle, but rather part of who they are.

    It bothers me to hear churches say love the sinner hate the sin, and though I do not agree that being gay is a sin, the majority of churches are still not loving the "sinners". The majority of churches I've been to condone their lives from the pulpit. Who wants to go to church and be hated on?

    The church still needs this flag waved in their face, in my opinion. It's still new, unknown territory for them. They need to see people they know and love as people they know and love who happen to be gay and lesbian.

    This is important news to me, because I think there's a lot of love the church needs to learn in this area.

  2. I suppose you knew I'd be commenting on this one...

    First, I agree that someone's sexual orientation shouldn't be a big deal - that's between them and their sexual partner and God... that's it. But the reality is that we live in a VERY sexualized society and people are thinking about it all the time. Doesn't make it right - just makes it reality.

    I also agree that homosexuals should be treated equal, but the fact is that they are not... Homosexual marriage is not federally recognized, it's still legal to fire someone for being gay in 31 states, it's only been less than half a year that sexual orientation has even been protected under federal hate crime laws, and it's been well publicized that at least one school would rather cancel prom than allow a girl to bring her same-sex date. Still a VERY LONG way to equality... and that's just in this country. In some countries, homosexuality is punishable by death!

    So why the big deal about coming out? Gay kids need to know they're not alone - they need as many positive (and especially Christian) role models they can get. The straight population, particularly those who consider homosexuals less than equal, needs to see that the person they admire can be homosexual... it's part of removing the stigma and allowing people to realize that homosexuals aren't all monsters. Finally, when a person makes the decision to come out, it's a very difficult one that can potentially cost them people they hold close. When that person is a public figure, the repercussions can be all the greater. Unfortunately, when that person is a public Christian, it has the potential to destroy them... and they need to know they have support. If you don't believe me, check out the comments to the USA Today article about this - you'll find plenty of hate spewed there... as usual...

    Finally, homosexuality is still one of the leading causes of suicide - not because people are killing themselves for being gay... they're killing themselves because they're told they're bad for being gay.

    Praise God for Jennifer Knapp and all the other celebrities who are comfortable and courageous enough to be honest about their sexuality... I look forward to the day when we finally see equality for all and sexual orientation is no longer an issue.

  3. Sarah C,
    I agree that the "church" still needs to learn how to interact with this kind of thing. I also agree with you that there is a lot of love the church still needs to express. The problem is that the majority of the church as we define the church is not the church at all, in my opinion, but a religious institution addicted to a sense of superior morality instead of spirituality. Thanks for your comment.

    Good to hear from you sir! Hope all is well. I really appreciate your heart and always have in this area. I think there is a long way to go.

    I still think sexual orientation isn't something we should be reading about as if it is something new or different or even worth people's comments on it, like USA Today. Sorry those people are harsh and not loving man. Thanks for the post dude.