Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(Love) Forum/Blog Feeds

I find it very frustrating to be involved in Christian forums or blogs. I am a follower of Jesus and hold to my set of beliefs. I've been a part of several blog communities in my past and one common trend I can say about probably 80% of the community is that no one likes to be challenged. No one likes to have their beliefs poked at. No one takes criticism lovingly. Love challenges, love deals with challenges, love responds gentle and peacefully. Often, too often, people take offense to views offered that do not match their own. The first reaction to offering an opinion contrary to the traditionally held opinion is anger. Sounds like this one Jewish cat I know who came into society who held deep traditional views on their religion. He spoke to repentance. This repentance in the use means to change your mind. Seems to me that the author of love was much more concerned about those who thought they had it together changing their mind to consider other views. Ironically I find those who claim Him the most often respond less like He’d suggest than his ancient Pharisee “friends.”

I’m okay with watching movies like, Religulous, I’m open to other views because I know that in love I should consider them, at least think about them. Thinking of them in response to the love I live by. I may disagree, but that is where it stops, I disagree and move on. If someone told me my mom did not exist or that she was actual a man named Harry I would find that an interesting perspective, but surely not get upset or offended at that interpretation of my mom. I know my mom, I know her name is Sharon, that she doesn’t have a mustache, and that she does exist. My view on her is solid so I do not get offended, I am not overly sensitive to others criticism or perspectives because I’m sure of my own. I certainly pray for more open minded followers of Christ. I have my most productive talks of Jesus and such with people who have drastically different views from mine, but all are ok with being different and sharing different views. My job as a love inspired person, as a person who has a Spirit of love within me, one who has been reborn of another spirit is to fight the temptations of the old habits and lifestyle of being stiff necked and easily offended. I am gentle, I am tolerant, I am not easily offended, not easily angered, I am and do try at all times to be a reflection of the love I so deeply believe is Jesus/God/Holy Spirit. I think that looks and sounds a lot different from what I see on most forums I’ve been a part of. It’s something that saddens me to no end. I pray that one day this perception of Christians being close minded people would be transformed into a community of loving people open to consider things even if they disagree. Faith is not the absence of intellect, I think faith is both intellectual and spiritual; it involves a big mushy thing in your head, a firm muscle in your chest, and an intangible Spirit in your life.

All this to say, “Be love, relax, and think,” like our leader.


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