Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Tunnel Ends

Almost done…keep pushing…the light is becoming brighter…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

That’s what I keep telling myself as I continue my journey at Crossroads Bible College. I only have a handful of classes left and my excitement to be done is somewhat bittersweet. Academic studies have exhausted, scarred, and enriched me all at once. I’m ready to be done and I will be in May! I filed my petition for graduation last night and am starting to get all the details aligned in preparation for what will be the pinnacle of my collegiate success. I find myself scarred because I can never look at the Bible, faith, and the church the same again. I was more ignorant before I began my studies and the knowledge has exposed me to daunting truths. I’ve been doing more unlearning than learning I say. Unlearning what the religious traditions and heritage of American Christianity has taught me as much as possible while stile operating within the context. I have been so enriched by it all though and made many connections through being involved at this college.

I started a new class last night and unlike my last class of two, which was more like a private tutoring session than anything, this class was full of 27 people, who all bring their own unique stories and faith experiences. The unique mixture at my table was that of a veteran and rookie. I have 4 classes left to graduate and he was attending his first class ever. There are always off the wall comments made in any situation with more than one person that leave me confused or reflecting. One thing I noticed last night, even though there were things that annoyed me that people said, did, and did not do, was the diversity; diversity racially, socioeconomic, back ground, personal environments and most obvious, diversity of gifts. One was a preacher, one was an encourager, one was an encourager, one was into musical worship, and the list goes on and on. I found myself full of this peaceful sense that God would use this kind of diversity to affect our local environments with Himself. Amidst all these unique personalities and gifts was also a ton of potential. Most were in the first couple of classes working towards a degree so I am excited to see God shaped them by education and the challenges that being at an institution such as Crossroads brings.

So now I find myself not being as vocal and listening more and see others stepping up to where I left off in that department. I just sit back and wonder what they will all look like in a couple years after the programs are done and degree has been awarded…Exhausted, scarred, and enriched I pray. I hope that they will be as impacted by it all as I have been and learn how to use what God has given them (personality, gift, understanding, etc.) for a redemptive life, full of love.

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  1. I'm in the same tunnel, brotha. It's freakin me out.

    I also understand that moment when you realize, "now is not the time for me to talk, but to listen." It's a pretty amazing moment of clarity in one's life.