Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More to come soon...

This is an idea I am currently working on, something that has been eating at me for several years now. Once I get it all written down in a way that I'm pleased with I'll post something.

When did mystery cease to be beauty? When did the arrival become more important than the end? Where did we even get the arrogance to think we can meet the arrival? The biggest mystery to me, to this day, even with all the reading and studying I’ve done, is Christ, His love and His forgiveness. He left the ruins of the old temple scattered for us to sort through in an attempt to understand Him, but He will always remain a mystery.

Life is good, just a lot of changes I'm learning or stumbling my way through. All good, but different which requires learning, thus my absence in writing. Soon...soon...I shall rise!

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