Monday, July 20, 2009

July Update

Remember the show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” I feel like that song should be playing as you read this. Where in the world is Adam Sloope? Well, for those of you interested I am right here, Indianapolis, IN, living life one day at a time. So what has that looked like? Glad you asked, here is the run down on my life as of late.

Love Life
Most of the time, the first question I get from everyone who has not seen me or heard from me in some time is, “Any ladies in your life?” The answer is no. No ladies, that would be too much to handle, multiple women, I cannot imagine the time that’d take. In all seriousness though, yes, I do have a girlfriend. Yes, she is hot and yes, I am happier than I’ve ever been. Here are some pictures of us (taken by a really good friend and an amazing photographer Austin Warnock). I’ve been dating her since about January and things have been amazing.

The Move
I finally moved again. I learned last year that I am not the roommate type. Not because roommates are horrible in themselves, it is just not my preference, I like my own space. I am finally on my own again and really enjoying it. My new address is:

1005 N Delaware St
Apartment 20
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Same phone and email address. I’ll post pictures of the new place soon. The coolest thing about my apartment right now is that I have this trendy bike hanger on my wall. Here’s a picture!

Family Visits
It’s been over 3 years since I moved away from Jacksonville and although I call Indianapolis my own now, I do always miss Jacksonville and my friends and family. I get homesick about twice a year and truly just need to see my family. Most of the time I come to Jacksonville because it is easier for a single guy to rearrange his schedule than those with families and such. This time though my parents came up to visit. My mom and dad came up and we were able to hang out quite a bit and they were bale to experience my life, my city, and my daily environment. They also were able to meet Julia (the lady friend). It was really nice to see my parents acting like a couple and actually enjoying each other, because they’ve been busy raising 3 kids for so long.

Recent Happenings
Most recently, this past weekend, Julia and I went to Symphony on the Prairie at Connor Prairie. I must say that Julia is making me pretty fancy these days. I know my taste buds have never been happier. To my delight I watched her unpack a gourmet sandwich, fresh fruit, Blue Moon, chips, and a little dessert surprise from the dinner she packed. The sandwiches were on bakery fresh bread with pesto spread, home grown tomatoes from the local farmers market we went to earlier that morning, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. Julia knows I love mangoes, so she surprised me with a mango cut up and ready for my belly! Music was awesome too by the way!

We went to Julia’s family cottage for the July 4 weekend. I was really nervous at first, but left feeling totally refreshed and had new friends. I’ve attached some pictures of that whole experience as well. The weekend was full of laughing, countless stories of Andy, the ghost that haunts the cottage, plenty of unexpected deep life talks, tasty treats, s’mores, good food, “bond” fires (bonfires), and relaxation. The reason I misspelled bonfire is because of my beautiful, funny girlfriend. We were on our way to this little local store and she had this epiphany, “I know why they call bonfires bonfires,” she exclaimed. “Because you bond around the fire!” So from here on out they will forever be bond-fires in our camp.

I am still running around downtown on my bike. I have a Bianchi race bike that I absolutely love. It’s faster and more fun to zip around the city on. I do not like driving or not being able to just go riding on my bike. My other close friends have nice bikes as well and we all ride together in what I have deemed the BBLC. BBLC is Biker Boy Lion Club. How this came about you ask? Jake and I met up to go riding one day and we were both wearing express track jackets that have lions on them. We rode around the rest of the night roaring and yelling BBLC. Yes we are both grown men. The most recent addition to BBLC is quite the beauty. Jake found an old 70’s Schwinn adult tricycle in his back alley in the trash. He was going to throw it away and I asked to have it. I took her home and bought new tires and tubes, and painted her flat black. I bought an old school horn for her too. Her name is Terri the Tricycle. She is very fun to ride around and always gets attention. Although I go no where fast it is pretty funny.

The entire reason I moved up here right? You’d think I would hit on this a little. This is an interesting part of my life right now. Everything looks different than I expected. I moved up here to start Indy Metro Church and help build it up. I left Indy Metro because God was moving my heart in a new direction. I am now part of a beautiful community that goes by the name of Response. I imagined by this point I’d be full time running some church program or group with a comfortable office somewhere downtown. Where I am is quite contrary though and I am actually learning to love it that way. We serve in the local women and children’s homeless and domestic abuse shelter downtown. God has opened up so many doors for us that we don’t deserve or see coming. We honestly have had no formulated plan and have been just reacting to all He gives the best we can. There has never been a church that has had success being at the shelter the way we have. We run three programs right now, Ladies Night, Monday Fun-day! and Monday Fun-day! Little Ones. Ladies night is literally what it sounds like, ladies getting together and talking girl talk, reading magazines, doing manicures and pedicures and just building relationships. Monday Fun-day! is a group for 5 and up that creates a mentoring atmosphere to create positive relationships and Monday Fun-Day! Little Ones is for 4 and under. We have basically taken over any child care for the shelter on Monday nights. It is quite amazing.

My faith is being challenged right now in the practicality department. I can win 9 out of 10 theological debates and write a paper that would impress any Biblical scholar, but I found that all that knowledge God gave me means absolutely nothing if it is not applied and challenged. So I am in a questioning phase right now. Why is Sunday so important, what is true evangelism, are my expectations of my life following Jesus realistic, biblical, who am I? It is a very uncomfortable place, but a place that I think is good for me to be in. So ministry is less a thing I do now, it is more of my lifestyle. I am a minister at work, at the gym, on Monday nights, on my bike rides, etc. Last night I met with a guy and we drank beer and ate gummi worms but had the most genuine heart to heart I think he’d find in any program. I’m not bashing programs, just telling you where I am.

Hope you feel all updated. If you want more, please email me or send me a card, I love getting mail that is not a bill!

Grace and Peace,
Adam Sloope

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