Friday, May 29, 2009

Old Tattoo

I thought I’d share just a very simple and shallow thought since my general writings are commonly in depth. This is truly surface as can be, but made me laugh for like 15 minutes. I was in the café at my work this morning and was getting my daily fix of caffeine. In this room I realized something I had not truly come to grips with before. In my reaction to something my mind was exposed to the reality of my future. There was an older lady getting coffee in front of me and she squatted down to pick up something to reveal a big lower back tattoo, aka tramp stamp. As I saw this ink on her old leathery skin I thought to myself, “Eww, that looks horrible, she is old.” I walked away thinking how weird it is to see old people with tattoos like that and then it hit me…

I will get old…I will be that guy getting coffee when I’m in my 50’s that a younger person will look at and say, “Eww, that looks horrible, he is old.” I will not be a young, in shape man for the rest of my life, the reality is that I will get older and my lifestyle will change and I will be an old man in the next generation’s eyes.

I find this funny and am ashamed that I had this thought of someone else with a tattoo. I guess an older lady squatting down in front of you getting coffee at 9am on a Friday reveals more than just an old leathery tattoo, but the reality of my future state. Maybe long sleeves will be good for me when I’m older though.

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