Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What if it all were a scam? What if Jesus were not a factor? Please continue reading after you calm down, slow your heart rate, and regain your composure. These questions often frustrate those who claim to follow Christ more than inspire, as I think they should. I was driving to get tattooed yesterday after work and as I looked around at the passing cars, people on their cell phones, I just thought about how much we have and how much we think we need (as a people, holistically). I know that everyone has had at least one, “If I hit the Lotto,” conversation in their life thus far. If I hit the lotto I would… I think the response to that sentence looks different for everyone. This thought randomly weighed on my mind for the remainder of the ride there, What if I just got everything I wanted, would I want Jesus? Do I need Jesus? I know theologically and Biblically I do, but a real hard question to ask yourself is this, do I need Jesus? What if there was no Hell? What if this utopian idea of Heaven were not true? How much do I need Him, how much do I desire Him? Asking ourselves these questions would make how we live our lives out look a bit different wouldn’t they?

If Jesus suddenly went missing would you notice or would life go on? We say we believe in a lot of things, but have you ever questioned yourself? Look in the mirror and be 100% authentic with the reflection staring back at you. Behind those eyes is something you must deal with, behind that person is heavy reality that beckons a response. So how do you respond, how do you react, what do you believe?

Do I use Jesus as a means to an end or is He my end? Do I just pray and read my Bible because I think it will help me get what I want? Why do I say I’m a Christian? Answering these questions are important, take a moment or few today to ponder these things. I pray that your response will be worship and thanksgiving to a Holy, Loving, Righteous Father, a Perfect, Glorious, Peaceful, Loving Jesus.

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