Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Unfortunately, now every time I say the word umbrella all I can think of is that dumb song by Rihanna:

You can stand under my umbrellaYou can stand under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh)Under my umbrella(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

But that indeed is what I would like to discuss/express today. On my way to work I also found a new style of wear they should put on jeans (you know like, rugged, stone washed, acid washed, etc). It’s called rain washed. I let a friend borrow my truck because his car was smoking and he was going to attempt to drive it to PA. Bad idea…. So I didn’t like the thought of him driving a smoky car to PA so I gave him my truck. I love my new bike, I love walking to work, and generally never drive my truck anyways, unless it is cold or rains. Today it rained. This morning I was running late and rode to the gym really fast and arrived almost soaking wet. It did wake me up though. After I got back home from the gym I obviously didn’t want to repeat that water adventure so I decided I would walk with an umbrella. I’ve noticed two things about walking to work with an umbrella, 1) the large water build up in the gutters of the street actually turn into tidal waves when large vehicles drive through them, who apparently paying attention to the poor guy walking to work somewhat dry, and 2) (the reason for saying somewhat dry) the umbrella only keeps your head dry, the rain that splashes off the ground and is blown side ways by the winds gives you a very wet pair of pants and a cool new trendy look to rock, this is where the idea for rain washed jeans came from.

No point to this blog other than venting about my recent realizations about umbrellas and their inefficiencies, next time I’ll just wear a hat! :)

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