Friday, March 20, 2009

Childlike Prayers to a Big God

Cute picture right? This is a child’s prayer letter written to God. We can often look at this and put our nose in the air, but actually have much to learn to get closer to a childlike prayer than we realize.

I meet with a group of friends to pray each week, not because we feel obligated to do some holy prayer or seem spiritual in the eyes of others, but to be simple, broken, and humble, and hopefully get changed how God wants to change us. We’ve all got our issues, all fall short of what God’s perfect standard is, but all have a heart for Him that is unmistakable in the reflections of our hearts through prayer. Last night was one of those special nights, like as I was praying I felt like I was not there. The best way I can describe it is that I felt like I was in a room with no walls, no ceiling, no floor, just sitting in a chair. It was just this peaceful time together, four men coming to their Father humble and childlike.

Coming to Him childlike was kind of the unofficial theme of the night though. One friend lamented on how he may limit God by trying to make everything so logical and intellectually explainable, loosing the mystery of God which is so beautiful. I reflected on how God had been teaching me since the beginning of this year that this faith thing is not about me, following Him is not about what I can do, be, or offer, it is about the grace He extends. Because of that grace I will respond. We all just sat there saying how that the more we have learned, several of us have even been through Bible College, the less we know or the more we realize we don’t know. The more we grow and have tough conversations and authentic prayers the more we all realize that there is almost a digression of logical assurance, for lack of better terms, and we find ourselves baffled by this great, glorious, never ending, all-knowing, timeless, all-loving God. When we meet with this God we fall prostrate before Him speechless, when we meet Him we respond with reverence and humility, when we meet this God, only this God, will we be truly changed into what He has planned, for the best.

Afterwards we were talking about how it is so refreshing yet so scary to see God like this and to unlock our ideals and precepts of Him from the box we have allowed, grown up in, or been taught that He exist within our culture. Another friend told a story of how he was sitting in a room and saw shadowy figures and after looking into how or where they could have come through, he found they were unexplainable. This is not to sound fanatical, but it is to simply say, God is bigger than our intellect or expectations. I told of a story where I was really broken and just earnestly prayed to feel His presence and within that time of prayer I felt this weird presence that petrified me, made me cover my face and get goose bumps all while feeling a strange sense of comfort. I believe this was His presence with me, His Spirit.

I truly believe the Spirit of Christ is moving in this city and preparing us for great works. I think He is simplifying overly complicated religious people, crushing their intellectual ideas, Bible College theologies, and small boxes in order to do something big here, now. If God is doing this, shouldn’t we respond in a new way, shouldn’t our response to Him be prayer and love? Last night was an amazing night to see, reflect on, and feel God within the context of a community united by Christ, which is by definition the church. May God continue to build His church here and may you feel that, feel Him, and respond accordingly. May your prayer and faith become more childlike, simple, and unadulterated by anything that limits Him.

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  1. Right on, Adam!

    As I was reading this I was struck with the thought that maybe we also put ourselves in boxes... with expectations about what can/should be our experience. To move out of those boxes is a scary and unfamiliar place, yet that's where God wants to put us... a place where we can't rely on ourselves and we need Him...

    I guess all I can do now is keep praying... and thank God for those times and places that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar that bring me back to Him...