Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poetic Sunrise

I started writing poetry when I was 16. I go through stages of inspiration and since I left Jacksonville I haven’t been poetic in any sense outside of writing my blogs. So here is something that hit me this morning, Hope you enjoy.

Gazing upon the clouds as the sky fades form blue to gray and reveal the glory of the night in stars wishing somehow you weren’t so far. Good deeds fill my days as a vain façade distracts attention from the brokenness in my eyes, windows to my heart that is falling apart as I write.

600am another morning at the pier, latte in hand, early rise to somehow escape these snares. Entangled by the darkness and barbed wire extensions of a dark heart that cries out with no sound. Silence fools them into believing its quiet when chaos screams louder than before in that moment as the sun breaks the oceans end with a glimpse of something that wakes me before the earths rotation reveals it, the thing I truly long for.

It warms my face and helps numb the pain I seek to escape in clouds and this sunrise. Morals are in disarray strength always fails creating endless homogonous cycles of this sad tale, a broken being looking for light, hiding from fear, no fight all flight. The means to an end seem to leave one desiring more, just to be good or do right in itself leaves a void in a young man’s soul so he sits on the shore awaiting the hope he needs, looking into the clouds as the tears stream down his flesh reminding him of his depravity and utter need, need for just the warmth of the sun, the son, indeed, will light your path, set you free, give you hope, and release you from the prison of endless sunrises and cloud watching.

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