Monday, February 2, 2009

02/02/09 Update

It’s 2009 and I have yet to give an update of how my life is going. Life is good, life is changing, life is a gift that I have a hard time managing. This is how I feel about life.

I finished up all the classes I need in order to graduate from Crossroads Bible College in December, so no more Bible college for a while. I am only taking an online class and a Saturday class that only lasts 5 weeks right now. To tell you the truth it is kind of odd to have this light of a workload lately. I feel like everyday is Friday during the week. I go to work, get off, hit the gym (most days), read a bit in my coffee shop, and then go hang out with friends. Like this Thursday night after I help a friend clean up some warehouse they need help with I’m going to hit the gym and then meet up at another friend’s house to play poker and watch the office. The poker is obviously just for fun and we will be playing for Starbursts® because otherwise everyone gets mad because I typically knock people’s chips down, yell out things like, “Love that money!” and overall just act the fool in order to make fun of my being horrible at poker rather than letting it bother me. I am actually able to read books that I want to read now, like because I want to, not because it is an assignment. I have read 3 books since the beginning of the year so far!

I’m still working with the same insurance company I have been with. I am in a different position now so that is fun. It is a cool deal, I actually get to use my personality strengths at work, for my actual job. I get to analyze stuff and get paid for it, awesome! I am very fortunate to have this job, God has been very good to me.

Speaking of God, I am trying to unlearn and learn things about Him and me this year. It started with this tension of what I’ve been taught vs what I’ve learned for myself about Jesus and all the implications of who He is. I randomly came across this book called The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren in the library one day. I generally buy my books, but I’ve heard a ton of drama surrounding this cat so I decided maybe a rental would be best. One of the best books I’ve read in quite some time, honestly. Nothing crazy new was learned, more like my questions and such were affirmed. Basically McLaren begs the question that there has to be something more to Jesus’ message than what we see today. I’ve been going through a rough time with indecision and restlessness too on certain things so I read Proverbs and Acts most recently to gain new perspective. I wanted to get back into the Gospels again, but I didn’t want to drag all my Christian baggage and paraphernalia into it. I prayed that God would make me dumb and let me go into this reading like it was the first time I’ve ever read it or read about Him. I must say, so far so good! I’ve been shown some amazing truths and characteristics of Jesus and His message already and I’m only up to chapter 11. I really, honestly, with every fiber of my being, believe that Jesus and His message can change people’s lives and hearts forever and change this city, Indianapolis. I’m looking forward to just learning about Jesus purely for myself by going through this Gospel written by Matthew so I can go out with a message I truly understand for myself all over again.

If you’ve kept up so far in this blog and you are a family member or a close friend you are probably sweating, have a bulging vain in your forehead, and are dying to just scream, “What about the ladies?!” Not sure why, but the question about me and a girl is always on people’s minds. Nope, nothing still. I’m more confused than ever sometimes. Either fear, timing, heart break, or rejection have plagued me thus far. I’m confident that God knows what is best for me though. I have this idea of who and why and it makes up for a fairytale like story. I dream about it and would do almost anything for it, but if it is not right then I know what God has in store will be much much better and will blow me away. No sympathy please, I’m truly ok. God will work it out, I just have to be patient and discerning.

Let’s see, random things….I saw Taken last weekend, what a great movie, I had no idea there was so much vengeful thinking in me…We had a foot of snow last week so sledding and pulling doughnuts in empty parking lots filled my nights and heart with joy. I am still a Big Brother. I took him (Tank) sledding for his first time Saturday. He loved it. My ankles and knees were giving me trouble so I went down like 9 times with him then sat in the truck and watched him for a good 45 minutes go up and down this 30 foot hill we found. I’m looking more and more forward to the Spring time up here. I’m building a bike to ride, getting my tattoo extended down to a full sleeve, and busting my butt in the gym! This is my story so far up here…I’m sure there are tons of details I left out or things you’d like to know and I apologize in advance. If you have anything specific though, please shoot me an email at

To all my friends (I use that term very carefully so when I say friends, I don’t mean associates) and family, I love you and if you are far from me, I miss you. Yes indeed, I do miss Jacksonville and its beaches everyday!

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