Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel the Aggresor?

My morning routine includes reading my local news, foxnews and cnn, an Iranian news page, and a Jewish news page (I like to have both sides of every story). Today I came across a very interesting article from a very educated Jewish man I've read from before. Below is a quote from the article, please follow the link to read the rest of it.

"WHY IS it so easy to blame the Jews as aggressors even when it is perfectly clear that they are the innocent victims? Unfortunately, the allegation traces itself all the way back to the New Testament's claim of Jewish complicity in the death of Jesus. The Roman governor, by all accounts a callous, bloodthirsty brute, is portrayed as benevolently trying to save Jesus while the Jews are portrayed as a bloodthirsty mob who want a docile and peace-loving prophet dead."

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