Thursday, January 8, 2009


Education is the hinge on which humanity swings.” Adam Sloope

I said this in a conversation with a co-worker this morning and had to run back to my office to get into this thought. I go and visit people I have come to know well at work and just chit chat about whatever really, nothing specific, but just shooting the breeze. Two were talking about their experiences at The Bodies exhibit here downtown. One makes the comment, “It sure gives you a different perspective on abortion.” She actually came face to face with the reality of a baby over the typical 9 months gestation period. Seeing those little finger nails and small human shaped body within the first three weeks of pregnancy made a huge impact on her. She gained some education about a baby’s development and applied it to her view of abortion. She still doesn’t think choice should be limited or dictated, but sees education as something that would probably end abortion choices. This is a totally different topic to take up at another time, but for now the focal point is this idea of education.

The interesting part of this is not a change in her morals or sudden conviction from some mystical place, it is based on education. In a society as academically driven as ours I would think this process of education being important would not be novel idea, but it is truly an under appreciated aspect of life. Emotions are typically what drive most people in life, they dictate action. I believe education should. Emotions are a part of it, but education should be the firm foundation on which one stands. This is not to say education alone is the objective, the application of that education is what can make life worth living. Education is not to become a god though. Education is not the objective, but it will lead to it, and that objective is to find the meaning of life, it is the journey we are all on right?

Every religion leads in some way or another down this path of finding the meaning of life. Every one of them leads to only a way to show the way to something else. They are full of disciplines and cool rituals that only lead down the path of education, but that education actually goes no where, so education in those instances has become a god. The God I believe in and serve, the living God who created everything, that God gives meaning to life. God does not call one to ignorant faith though. If you read through the scripture you will see that every time man responded to God it was because He revealed Himself first. Man had an education of who He was or what He was asking. Many Christians will be uncomfortable reading this because it may seem that I am placing education above God. Obviously there is nothing above God and He is what humanity is seeking, they just may not be aware of it. God gives meaning to life. Jesus came so we could know God. The big dog here is and always will be Jesus.

Education is what gets us to Him though. Education is what gets us anywhere in life. Education or lack thereof determines your path in life. Think about this before you just come to your own decision on things though. Everything you know is because you learned it in some fashion or the other. Your knowledge throughout life makes you. I have a friend who did some study on animal cruelty, how we get the meat we eat, and what effects this meat can have on us, now she is a vegetarian. Her education made her this. I have a friend who learned life the hard way and did a ton of drugs and got involved in a ton of other things. His education of these drugs and the effects they can have on him through experimentation made him enjoy them so much that he became addicted. I have an education on who Jesus is and therefore I am a follower. Some people have studied the people who call themselves followers, their organizations, and all the wrong they do and so come to the conclusion that they want nothing to do with Jesus at all. You see how education has effects on lives. The lack of education is the same. People who get abortions typically don’t do a ton of study or educate themselves and therefore minimize the gravity of the decision. After it is done they realize how weighty of a thing it is. Their lack of education haunts them the rest of their lives. I have another friend who is interested in finding out what life is about, they want to find meaning. They have a ton of assumptions and general ideas on religions, but no education for themselves. I told them to go study all of it so they can make an educated decision.

No man comes to know God without education. Education can take on different capacities, but education is what reveals truth. Moses became educated about God through a burning bush, Paul through a really bright light during the middle of the day that blinded him, tons of people in the Bible by seeing miracles, Lee Strobel knows Christ by studying the Bible for himself with the intention of disproving God exist, I learned about God through being skeptical of everything “christians” said so I studied the Bible for myself. God reveals himself in different ways to humanity, but it is always man becoming educated and responding that gets him there. This is why we preach the gospel or teach about the Bible in sermons. We seek to educate folks on God.

Jesus knew that education was key. He knew this so much that He told 12 ragamuffin men to go educated the whole world (Matt 28). The entire point of Paul’s journeys was to educate people on who God was. Jesus was sent to earth to educate. Educate people that God is loving and wants to forgive us for being full of sin. Jesus educated the world that we can be saved and forgiven forever! The writers of the Bible were inspired to educate generations to come by providing a book of education that reveals God. The whole idea is that education in every aspect of life is important, but for some reason when it comes to God we are satisfied with presumptions, emotional preferences or rumors, but don’t seek education. People who don’t know the grace God provides typically have not educated themselves on who God is, but simply let experiences dictate to them what they should think. People who do know the grace of God through Christ and have accepted it need to always educate themselves on God because there is so much to learn. It is unacceptable to stop learning. If a person is in a vegetative state and their brain has stopped operating medical professionals call them brain dead and they have to be kept alive by a machine because the brain dictates to the rest of the body what to do. Is that really life though? The same rings true of those who get to a point where they do not seek education or stop learning. Christians who don’t seek God by studying His Word or spending time with Him are as good as brain dead.

In such a society as ours where education is what we love, we desire to be open minded and be well rounded, it is surprising to me that anyone is comfortable with being ignorant. Educate yourself on subjects. Education is not the objective, but it is the only path to it. May we be a people who seek education. May we be a people who seek to become knowledgeable of God. The world tells us to never let anyone tell us what to think, but we ignorantly let it tell us what to think about God. Educate yourself on God before you accept ignorant dictation from uneducated people. May those of us who know grace always seek to know God more and more, never be satisfied or think we have arrived. May those who don’t stop being bullied around by everyone else’s education of God and get their own. Education is important isn’t it?

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