Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Street Anthem Christmas

This is a poem/song I wrote.

Tears freeze when the hit the cold concrete because it’s only 30 degrees where he calls home. His body trembles in response to withdrawals of the demons he injects in his arms. The scars, the tracks remind him daily why he’s not loved and has lost it all. He shakes his cup in desperation just to spend a night in the shelter of warmth, but the smiling faces pass him by and look away because of those scars. Bitterness eats him alive as he walks the streets hoping to die. This man has no home, has no love, he has no one. And props himself against the wall and stares all around at the pretty lights and falls asleep in the cold of the night. Merry Christmas my friend, God bless you, please smile, goodnight.

Taking a deep sigh of relief because the last little one fell asleep. All in a days work to tuck in three little girls in one small room with no heat, making sure the blanket covers their feet. It’s Christmas eve and she sits in the living room in disbelief because she hasn’t eaten in three days and this is the first time in 6 weeks she’s been able to rest her feet. She’s been working 3 jobs and putting in overtime just to buy presents to put under the tree so the little girls will wake up in the morning to be surprised by the amount of gifts that weren’t there last night. Faking a smile as she says good bye, she must seem happy it’s Christmas Eve night, but she comes home after a long day with blisters on her feet and heavy eyes full of pain. Merry Christmas my friend, God bless you, please smile, good night.

The picture is now distorted by the ripples and crinkles caused by the tears and tightly clinched fist gripping a memory of a loved man. It’s the first night in 60 years she’ll spend alone with no one to catch her tears because her husband just passed. The pain is worse because no matter how hard she cries or screams tonight her husband won’t come back and she’ll still sleep alone. It’s getting late now, she needs some rest because in the morning she must put on her best face and act like it’s all okay, the grandchildren need to see a smile when they awake. So tonight she falls asleep holding a picture tight, drowning in tears, wishing she could go back to better years. Merry Christmas my friend, God bless you, please smile, good night.

There’s a little baby boy in the back of the manger, laying in a feeding box surrounded by strangers knowing one day He’s going to grow up to be put to death to give you hope. He can feel your pain nailed upon the tree, He can feel you crying when He’s in Gethsemane, He offers you hope amidst the dark cold world as He rose from the grave.
Look past the presents, the fear, your past, the pain, look upon Jesus, the true meaning of the day. So Merry Christmas my friend, God bless you, please smile, good night.


  1. excellent writing Schlop. And i'm totally in for next week. I'm PUMPED to see what God is going to do in this city next year man. and I'm even more pumped that I get to be a part of it!

  2. Nice blog! Keep up the good thinking!