Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Step One

I was going through an old folder on my computer today and came across some neat little writings. This was written Jan 12, 2007. Fun to just revisit old thoughts I suppose.

It’s a beautiful thing when a baby first learns to walk isn’t it? All those months of crawling and being a hip accessory have now come to an end and this child begins its journey of getting into all sorts of new adventures. Phones ring off the hook as the parents call everyone they know to announce this great accomplishment by their baby. It’s a joyous moment, it really is something else! This calls for a celebration indeed. Pictures are taken, home videos are made, and all kind of sweets are given to the child because they have made such a great accomplishment. Walking though is not that big of a deal is it? When is the last time your mom bought you something or took a picture of you just because you walked? It’d be a little odd to through a huge party and invite all your friends to celebrate walking wouldn’t it? This is because walking is not what is really being celebrated here; it goes a little beyond what we can see. It’s a trust thing. There sits this child with a head that almost outweighs them being summoned by their parents, the one’s that love them so much. So the child, who is used to being grounded by all four limbs, decides that they trust their parent and believes that they only want the best for them and doesn’t want them to get hurt, and takes off, one foot in front of the other. Like I said, walking is not a big deal, people do it all the time, what’s great is that this child has acted in faith and trusted their parent. From that moment on walking becomes mundane and unexciting, but for one instant, one glorious moment, time stands still and this action of trust remains a monumental occasion in this child’s history.

Why is it that trust is such a big issue with us? I mean, why must people earn our trust? Well, I think the answer is pretty simple because we are simple. We do not believe in just giving out something without seeing results or some kind of gain in it for us. We must see to trust or have faith. It’s hard to trust a stranger because we have not seen his character yet. It’s hard to trust a piece of equipment that you have never seen work before. Faith is hope in the unseen. This works totally opposite of the human thought process. Although nothing makes sense I am supposed to trust in something I cannot see. Seeing is believing and I’m from the show me state are both common sayings that reinforce the idea that we are a society that desires tangible absolutes and guarantees. Truth is something you can see it just is. The same is true with God, with Jesus. It’s just like the wind; we can only see the effects.

This is why Jesus said that the path was narrow, the path meaning following him and being a disciple. It is easy to believe in Jesus. James is very clear when he says even the demons believe that there is one God. So God requires more than belief, he requires faith. There must be a clear distinction made between these two terms because too many people think these terms are synonyms and interchangeable. I think of it almost like learning. Knowledge is okay to have, but application is what leads wisdom. I’ll admit I am addicted to this one reality show, Beauty and the Geek. This show fascinates me because of the lines that it crosses within our society, it takes bottom of the barrel, socially inactive people (Geeks) and mixes them with social wizards (Beauties) all to strengthen their areas of weakness and overcome common prejudices. My point in bringing this show up is that these men, the Geeks, are geniuses, but cannot interact with the general public at all. There was one guy who was a Physiologist, he was amazing and understood people and their actions well. This guy who had all this knowledge was a Geek. He could barley speak in front of people, his hands sweated in the presence of beautiful women, and his voice trembled when speaking to anyone out of him being uncomfortable. That makes no sense to me at all, this guy went to school for 6 years and obtained a masters degree so he could understand society, but he can’t even interact with what he knows so well. Doesn’t that seem like a waste? All that knowledge and he can’t apply it. I think that the difference between belief and faith can be found in that mess of a metaphor. Belief alone doesn’t even separate you from the demons, but faith, true faith, in Jesus changes your entire world. Like the wind, faith can be seen by its effect.

I have a friend that I am investing a lot of time in lately and he faces this issue. I asked if he believed in God and his response was, “Well, yeah, you’d have to be stupid to not think there is a God.” The problem doesn’t lie in his belief it is in his faith. He has no faith that God is anything that He claims to be in His word. He does not think that Jesus did all the things recorded in scripture and does not have faith that Jesus is his redeemer. My friend’s problem is his faith in what he says he believes. It almost makes me cringe when he claims he is a Christian because the Lord was clear the several times he said things like having faith in Him will lead to eternal life. I am saddened by my friend’s dilemma because belief alone will not secure a man’s salvation. The entire point in sending Jesus Christ to earth as a perfect sacrifice was to die for our sins so that out relationship with God could be reconnected. A relationship takes more than belief. The demons have no relationship with God but they believe in Him. See the difference? It’s a trust thing.

When that child took those first steps, it did not under stand physics, balance, or the dangers in falling down. The child simply trusted their parent with no understanding and took those historical first steps. God doesn’t require your understanding to come into a relationship with Him; He only wants your trust, your faith. We cannot get to God without faith in Jesus Christ as His only son, the Christ, Messiah, Savior, faith in Him is what is required, not understanding in all the little things. That will come with time. I am not belittling the relationship between God and man, but I am going to pull a principal out of casual dating between two individuals here. When you first meet that someone you are interested in them and that’s it. You don’t know what their family is like, or what kind of baggage hey carry or even what will happen in the relationship with them, you just go into wanting to know them. With God he just wants you to get to know Him, in spending time with Him you will learn more and more about Him. The more you learn about God in this relationship, the more you will become passionately involved with Him and love Him for you begin to understand what He has and is doing for you.

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