Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hello friends and family. As much as I do miss living in Jacksonville, FL and being within minutes of family and everything I grew up knowing, I am fortunate to be in Indianapolis. When you are removed from what you’ve always known you find freedom to be your own person and have or start your own traditions. Everyone has Christmas traditions and most revolve around a family, but seeing as I have no immediate family (wife or kids) I have started my own little simple Christmas tradition. I am not into greeting cards because it is hard for me to find a generic card that express exactly how I feel. I mean what are the chances of that anyways, some stranger saying exactly what I was thinking to who exactly I was thinking about. Those chances are little to non-existent. So here is my tradition…Yea, you are looking at it, this letter, it is my tradition I’ve started. Nope there is no present attached or on its way, there is no gift certificate, check, or cash you have overlooked. This is it, just evidence of my heart through words.

I am all about roots, as you all know, I am very analytical and always trying to figure things out, so naturally, I’ve done a ton of research and thinking about this whole Christmas thing and been left desiring more. I mean it can’t all be about nasty fruit cakes, pecan log rolls, over priced candy, lights, decorations, a unique tree, ornaments, presents, debt, and stress. I mean there has to be more to it. And I know that 80% of the American population will say that the reason for Christmas is the birth of Jesus who was sent to save the world. That shouldn’t be a side note said in a monotone, unexcitable voice though. That is the point of Christmas PERIOD. So all this other stuff has really confused a lot of people and distracted the attention away from sweet baby Jesus (yes indeed that is a Ricky Bobby quote!). So I want to take a moment and really share wit you the truth of Christmas. Yes, this will be full of the Bible, because that is the book that talks about Jesus, so naturally it will be used. I’m not trying to preach or make you do something you don’t want to. It is my personal conviction that I must share this truth and rally people back to the point, the root of it all. So please read on, even if you think you have it all together and figured out, just do my this favor read it!

God created man and woman, walked in the garden with them and everything was perfect. Then Adam sinned and ever since then the world has been full of it. Sin is what we are all born into. Now, you may think that you’ve never murdered, stolen, or done drugs so that is good enough, but there’s more. Sin is anything that falls short of perfection and God’s will. So no one is perfect so we all sin. So that should have been the end of the story. Man betrayed God, so he deserves to die. Well, for reasons I can never understand God loves us. God chose to kick Adam and Eve out of the garden so they wouldn’t have to forever live in sin. So ever since then God has been chasing man down trying to forgive Him and renew that broken relationship. God basically cannot deal with man because we are sinful so He set up all these laws and sacrificial systems in order that man could be forgiven under conditions, but would always have to follow these deals in order to get forgiven. Basically all that left room for Jesus. The Bible talks about the coming of the Christ, the Messiah of Israel back in the Old Testament a lot. God has been eternally connected to Jesus, never been apart from Him. Jesus was hanging on the cross and God turned His back on Him, God allowed Jesus to suffer and die. I mean can you imagine having to watch your son die, many of you are parents…imagine that. So God allowed Jesus to die just so He could have a relationship with man again. Now we are given the opportunity to approach a Holy and Righteous God, by believing in Christ. This is huge! I can’t talk specifics, why this doesn’t happen or why this does, but I can tell you that is what God did for us, He did this for all men and only ask for us to put our faith in Christ and He will forgive us. No matter how many times you screw up, no matter how bad you think you are, no matter how little people tell you that you are, God loves you and thinks you are beautiful, you are worth dying for! God totally separated Himself from His son and watched Him die for you. So Christmas is a celebration of God sending His only son to earth so that you could be forgiven and have a relationship with Him. Forget all the religious things you are unsure of or the past times you have been hurt, forget everything for a minute. God sent Jesus to die so man would be able to be forgiven forever by putting their faith in Jesus Christ and renewing that old broken relationship we were born with. Sure there is a lot more to it than that once you say, “Sweet I want that relationship with God, I’ll take Jesus!” but the most important thing is that you know that Jesus was sent to earth, cut off from His Father, just to die for you so you could get back to God, the way we were created to be anyways.

Merry Christmas, I pray you will celebrate this, the birth of Jesus. I know there is a lot going on this season, but I really hope that you stop and reflect on that and remember that Jesus is born, man doesn’t have to live in disconnection from God any more, God sent His son to heal us. Jesus is that baby lying in the manger, celebrate His birth this Christmas.

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  1. Adam...

    This is really close to what you shared at church and I'm glad I get the chance to tell you I appreciate your thoughts. I particularly like the concept that God kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden so they wouldn't have to live in sin forever... so often that act is seen as God being jealous or impatient, but that phrasing touches on the realization that God is loving - which is really the whole point...

    This is only the first entry I've read, but I look forward to reading more... maybe we can dialogue about some of this in person sometime... ;-)