Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obsessive Cumpulsive Insomnia

I’ve stared at the ceiling, leaned back in my desk chair, finished listening to 7 different music albums, prayed, and cannot go to bed. This all started yesterday, this peculiar insomniac-like behavior. I normally go home (Jacksonville, FL) each for Christmas. Last year I went for Thanks giving, but stayed here for Christmas, but stayed with my best friends Carl, Danae, and their kids (Mariah & Isaiah) who are pretty much family. This year however, I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas and on top of that the Bunso’s aren’t here nor are the Pride’s, so I am up here for the first time in my life spending the holiday alone.

I really wasn’t trying to concentrate on that on Christmas though. After work on Christmas Eve, I ran to the store, bought myself a Pizza, a movie, and groceries to cook myself breakfast on Christmas morning. I came home and watched a movie, ate pizza, cleaned out my refrigerator, washed all my dishes, danced in the hallway, prayed, journal, continued reading in Isaiah, and started a book I wanted to read (which is a change from actually having to read instead of actually wanting to because of school). My mom called at one point and asked what I was doing, I had music blaring in the background, walking around the house half dressed because I was in the middle of trying on several outfits I was considering for this New Years Eve Masquerade Ball I am going to. She said, “Boy you are crazy!” I told her I wasn’t crazy yet and that is exactly what I was trying to avoid in being home for Christmas alone. Well, I stayed up until like 2 doing things here and there.

I woke up Christmas morning around 9 and cooked myself breakfast. I had biscuits and gravy, sausage, a sausage, tomato, and cheese 3 egg omelet, and some V8 juice. After that I cleaned up everything and got dressed. I called my mom and brother to say hello. I actually got to have a good 30 minute conversation with my sister’s boyfriend about Jesus that was awesome! Read a little bit more in Isaiah, wrote in my journal, and started reading a book for personal enjoyment. By this time it was around 1 and I caught myself falling asleep at my desk leaned way back in my black chair with my legs propped up on my bed. Well, about 3 hours later I woke up with my book on my chest. I got up and got ready again, I have to do it again once I fall asleep, don’t want to smell like sleep and have sleep lines on my head or face you know. Around 5 I picked up Jazz and Maria and drove down to Ben’s house to have a Christmas dinner. I wrote about my experience on the drive there and back downtown in my last blog, Fruit. I met up with a friend from work and watched Benjamin Button. I’d say that the artistic element of the movie was cool, there was a lot of allusion and illustrations that I’m totally into, but the overall plot left a lot to be desired. I’d say save your money and watch that baby when it comes out on RedBox. Came home and kept myself occupied until about 2 again. That was my very weird 2008 Christmas day. I’ll tell you the truth though, I spent the majority of my morning with God, either in His Word, prayer, or just listening to music or sitting in silence. I think that is an appropriate way to spend Jesus’ birthday, with Him…

This morning I woke up around 9, but decided that was way to early to get up so went back to sleep and didn’t get up until 11. I ate some breakfast and called the gym to see if they were open. Sweet sassy molassy they were! I got there and zoned out to some music on my ipod and worked abs, biceps, and shoulders. I heard a familiar pitter patter from upstairs as I was leaving the weight room and noticed they were playing 5 on 5 basketball. I decided to sign up and get a couple runs in. The first game I did nothing but get offensive rebounds, like I was a bog man or something, but I think they were just trying to see if I was any good before they started getting me involved. The second game I ran the floor and scored 13 points and snagged 3 steals. Cool thing about today and playing ball was that I wasn’t wearing any braces, both ankles and knees completely natural and I actually felt good afterwards for a bit. My ankles and left knee are tight now, but it was well worth it. Got home and met up with Ben to go over our sermon for Sunday. We are preaching together on Nehemiah chapter 10 and 11. After that I went to SBux and read my book for a bit and talked to my friends who work there and that hang out there as often as I do. I was getting distracted with all the traffic after the Lion King show let out, so I decided I go do something I actually enjoying doing alone…shop. It is girly, but I’m totally comfortable with my masculinity and can openly admit I like to shop and buy new clothes. So I bought a couple sweet hoodies, this gnarly old school looking cardigan, a hat, and some new razors so I can be well shaven come Sunday and the New Years Eve party. After that I went back to SBux and got to chapter 9 of the book I’ve been reading.

Now here I am. It’s 3:17am and officially Saturday December 27, 2008. By now you are probably wondering what my point in all this writing is… Well, since I got home I’ve cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, done two loads of laundry, cleaned out the laundry room, swept the floors, cut my own hair (maybe not the best idea I’ve ever had), organized my closet, sorted through clothes I haven’t worn in a while and made a huge stack of clothes to give away, shorts, hats, cleaned my shoes, organized my drawers and refolded every t-shirt I own and organized them in several categories, DKNY, BFL, H&M, American Eagle, plain colored t-shirts (H&M), and Express. I also coordinated my closet into sections; dress pants, casual pants, jeans (those are subcategorized into two designers, DKNY & BFL), winter coats, track-style jackets, light jackets, casual blazers, and hoodies, sweater vest, zip up sweaters, plain long sleeve shirts, designer shirts, regular sweater, casual button down shirts (those are split into pattern and solid colors), dress shirts (also separated by solid colors and patterns), short sleeved button downs (I only have two of those because I think they are weird in general), plain colored polos, patterned polos, and finally sports jerseys (basically all my jaguars gear). I’m currently listening to Sigur Ros and a bunch of other instrumental music trying to go to sleep but can’t! So now I am backing up my entire computer on my external hard drive my parents mailed to me for Christmas.

I want to sleep but can’t! This insomnia is feeding obsessive behaviors…lol. I’m just trying to keep myself busy to maybe I’ll just fall out. Then I had this brilliant idea that if I wrote about everything then I’d be exhausted because I would have stopped my mind from thinking a million miles per second. It might be working because I just yawned.

Good night or should I say good morning! I need to get back into a good sleeping routine because I do have to preach Sunday and be at work on Monday. Lord help me! This is probably the most random blog I have ever written, so if you think I’ve gone off the deep end, know it is just sleep deprivation and me being weirded out by not being around my family this holiday season. I’ll write something cool soon, but until then enjoy laughing at my randomness.

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