Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This one was written Dec 20, 2006.

We’ve become consumers to a black market selling lies, we live in a world that tells us we must be something, and we must reach certain goals and buy certain products to be in the loop of society. The world we live in tells us we must have this or have that to be accepted.

We search for acceptance in all we do, everything we do is to become something more or better. We are set up this way because when we were created we were complete, lacking nothing. Ever since the original sin we were separated from God, making us incomplete. We search to fulfill this completeness in so many different ways and if you think about it, everything we do has one reason behind it, to gain in some way, to becoming more, greater, bigger, better. So we are just incomplete because we aren’t with God anymore. Now here is the amazing part. God who was betrayed by us, humans, his creation, sent himself, His son to earth. Now that sounds simple and many people have John 3:16 memorized because of this. For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only son so that any man that believes in Him will not die but have life everlasting. So here is what is amazing and not simple. Jesus was with God, at His right hand. He was surrounded by perfection. God left that, Jesus left that to come into this grimy world to come after us to complete us again. I think about a soldier who has just been cleaned up and is going back home, but turns around and runs into this mess of a war field to just tell a little homeless girl on the corner that He loves her. That’s nuts, that’s love. So forget all these Christian marketing schemes, the corporation of the American Church, and any other prejudice you may have for Christianity and think about its roots: Jesus, Love, and the pursuit of completeness. So think about it, why do you do most things in life? It is all searching for some kind of gain or completeness. You will never find completeness apart from God. The only way God offers that is through Jesus because he is so loving and justice all in one (I’ll write about that later). So drop your guard and think about how awesome it is that God, who created everything, left heaven to search for you on earth. He left heaven to offer you a way back to him, a way to completeness. That is a beautiful thing and when you find God life becomes much clearer and much more beautiful. It makes since because you don’t search for completeness because you have it. You stand complete on an absolute factor, God, in a crazy chaotic world that always changes.

Why does it matter if we are accepted? If we are complete we will not yearn for acceptance. If our relationship with God is there then we will not search for that completeness that we were lacking before. It’s like a married man or woman. No longer do they have to go on awkward dates or wear make up every time they see the other sex, they have become complete in their marriage so they don’t look for acceptance from the opposite sex by doing or wearing what they like. With God we don’t have to put on this face or smell a certain way or talk a certain way, we just have to accept His offer to renew a relationship with Him. He loves us and that will never change no matter what good or bad things we do. He wants a relationship with you and no matter if you ever give Him the time of day or not He will still love you. His love will never change! You are born incomplete and spend your entire life looking for that something to complete you, but the truth is that nothing will ever truly complete or satisfy you until you get back into the relationship with God that we were made to have.

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