Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This was written on July 24, 2006.

What would happen if for one day the world changed? I mean what if people were loving, forgiving, pure, good…? So I’m reading tonight and am introduced to a familiar idea I try to live by. I want the world to change. I want people to stop being so bad. We all know right from wrong. It is a sad thought that we had to be taught what was right… Can human’s function as a harmony of people on the same page? Sometimes, yes, and in those moments we all notice something is different, something feels right, something great is happening like love, patience, understanding, compassion, forgiveness… In these moments that make all of us smile and say, “awe, that was nice.” I think we briefly find our true identities. We finally for a brief moment live in harmony with the way we were originally created to be. That is the way things should be right?

The change must start within ourselves! We are sinful by nature, we have this nasty tendency to sway towards wrong rather than right and be bull-headed and in a hurry and just generally self seeking. This is due to sin. In the moments we find ourselves being “good” I know we are briefly harmonizing with God and the way He intended for things to be. Jesus was sent as an example of what God is like and then showed to be the greatest example of love ever. So everyone, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Atheist can all agree on those “moments” where things just seem right. Those moments are times when we are following the example of what life is and that life is what Christ offers us.
That is how God is… The bittersweet reality of it all is that because of sin we are not like what God wanted us to be. We are not even connected to Him anymore. Now here is the sweet part though, Christ died as a criminal just so we could know God, so we could be connected to Him again.

So next time you think about “life” think about what life to the fullest is… It isn’t in the club, in that weak girl, in the ego driven man, in that buffet of intoxicating substances, in your wallet, or anywhere else… It’s in those moments… And in those moments I promise you will find Christ. Just something to chew on… Think about it… Read a couple bible passages about Jesus. No matter what you think or have to say about Him or Christianity you cannot deny He lived life to the fullest. Now the next step is excepting the world is broken and isn’t consistent with those moments. Christ can make these moments more of a reality… That is life, that is what it means, and it is all possible through Jesus Christ.


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