Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Narrow Path

It all started with an impromptu message 10 minutes before lunch. “Lunch?” was all that was typed.

It ended with an awkwardly tense elevator ride.

I go to lunch with some friends from work and as usual everyone asks about my dating life or situation. I start explaining myself as we are eating lunch and the conversation carries until we are half way back to the office. I’m explaining why I will and won’t do or be certain things in dating and what the implications are of that and on and on. If you know me then you know I am extremely analytical and because of this I over think everything, especially dating. Apparently one of the girls has an epiphany and they start giggling and whispering. I request adamantly that the cat be let out of the bag. So one of the girls agrees to tell me but warns me that she is going to be blunt. “You just need to get laid!” They all think this is hilarious and burst into laughter. The laughter unfortunately is not with me, it is at me. Another says, “Adam, you are just up tight, you just need some a$$!”

I push my hurt aside and try to remain clam and unflappable and respond jokingly, “Nah, that’s a flood gate, you don’t want to open that, I remember the kind of guy I used to be.” Now what I mean by that is I used to be loose by their definition, not uptight at all because I took their advice, I always just had sex and lived that lifestyle. I don’t live for me anymore though, I live for Christ, so I tell them I walk a different path now and that I am not uptight. I’m actually a pretty laid back guy, not much bothers me, so uptight is not a term generally attributed to my character. In this situation though I appear uptight because I think about these things instead of just following the feeling like some euphoric free flowing hippie lava lamp. That basically leads me to think about why I would act or do things in dating and what would those actions cause or imply. That is the way I think and I cannot apologize for that, but I think considering your actions before you actually hit the play button is something Jesus would be into anyways.

This isn’t a rant blog…I’m taking you somewhere so stick with me on this, you’ll get it…

I just took this class in school on Christian counseling and one of the major distinctions between Christian counseling and other types is that it is not medication and more of a cure. Meaning, we often treat symptoms instead of thinking deeper about the cause of the symptom which would lead us to seek a cure. In the example of me “needing to get laid” or my thoughts on dating, having sex wouldn’t solve the anything in my dating life. There is a reason why people have sex before marriage right? So I am going over all these core issues that cause people to think things like, you just need to get laid and I’m laying out all my reasons for why people act the way they do, I’m laying out the source of the problem, and they tell me I’m judging and condemning…This is funny now because all of the sudden because I think before I act and think deeper about the cause of my actions I am judging…

The world and people who choose not to follow Jesus, not people who say they believe in Jesus, but people who have actually died to themselves and follow Him, care about behaviors. Followers of Christ care about core issues, actually the core issue. The reason most people participate in destructive behaviors is because they have a core problem, they are disconnected with God. I got a really hurtful look into the narrow way today, that narrow path, seemed more like a little tunnel or spot light I was standing in, walking downtown, being laughed at because I am uptight. My question for you friend is: Are you uptight or do you simply consider your ways before you initiate action? I think considering your ways is a kingdom characteristic. Continue on, walk that narrow path, stand in that little spot light, crawl down that little tunnel, carry your cross, head up, proud to walk the narrow path and know my friend, know that it is right, even though it may be obscure to everyone else.

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