Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adventures of Adam

I can’t tell you how excited I am in writing this. I’m sitting at my coffee shop, listening to the new ‘Ye (Kanye West- 808’s & Heartbreaks) record, and just relishing in the reality and presence of Jesus in the city! I got off work today and decided to just come straight to my coffee shop and chill out on the gym. Now, this does not mean I’m slacking for those of you doubters out there. I’m up to 180 and lean as a robot machine terminator type of dude! That makes me laugh even writing it. Hope you enjoy my humor as much as I do. I’m taking the week off the gym so I can give my body a chance to fully recover from the trauma I normally put it through by lifting chuck Norris-like weight throughout the week.

Things are awesome in Indianapolis! I don’t just say that because I have to be cordial in an update, I mean it. God is a good God and is so faithful to His broken rebellious children, I have been fortunate to witness that in my own life! About a month ago I was just going through this ugly season and dark valley. I was really just fed up with the church (corporate) and school. I want to read the Bible and draw close to God for myself, not out of reaching or meeting a goal. School has been this way for me. Having to read the Bible and write papers on things that must be studied and exposed by reading the Bible has this odd effect on me that causes apathy. It is unhealthy, but very symptomatic to my rebellious, anti-organization, anti-structure, random personality, that when I am doing something only out of necessity instead of desire I typically withdrawal and decide to not do all together. So being disenfranchised with school and the corporate church and all its implications set up the conditions for the perfect storm. When it rains it pours too! I withdrew from church and became every bit of lethargic towards the Bible and anything school required me to do. I became very critical, cynical, and just over all a very ugly person. The reason I became so ugly was because I was relying on my own self to accomplish things and to have desire towards God. I cannot do anything alone, but fail, so I failed indeed, apart from Christ I am nothing. I had all these reasons (that were perfectly justified in my own mind by the way) for not wanting to be a part of the church (Indy Metro). Reasons included the following, not preaching or being on stage at some capacity, not feeling like anyone was pouring into me, and not agreeing with the way things were being done (preference only though). I had meetings with Dan and Aaron both to tell them I was leaving Indy Metro Church. Neither one, surprisingly, tried to persuade me to stay, but just sought out for better understanding of what I was going through. One question asked towards me had the most impact on me though. “Do you think getting all those things would really make you happy or is something else?” Thank you to Dan and Aaron for being patient with me this entire time, I know I am difficult at times.

Boy oh boy did God have other plans. I was praying so so hard for God to reveal some great profound truth to me by making something catch on fire or have it written on my forehead in the morning. It’s funny what you pray for; it’s funny how a man of faith prays for signs…. Well, by reading Scripture, all I could get was this idea of God having perfect timing and to wait on Him. I re-started a great friendship that had went sour with a friend who was now in Iraq over email. It was amazing to see God work through that in itself too. Well, my friend fasts for 40 days and on the last day within the last hour of his fast, he is given this simple yet amazing thought from God…Flowers never ask to bloom elsewhere. He didn’t know a lot of what was going on because I have this horrible habit of isolating myself when things are wrong so I didn’t write him any of this. Well he tells me this great illumination God gave him having no idea I was praying for God to speak to me. Well, at that point with all the Scripture I had read about trusting His timing and then this deal I decided in my head to stick with IMC. I hadn’t even met with Dan and Aaron again to tell them I was sticking around. I met with Dan the next day at Starbucks randomly, I didn’t even see him sitting behind me and we had a little talk. He told me some things God was doing in his life that totally affirmed me staying at IMC. Same thing happened with Aaron the next day! God completely took my ugliness and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece made of broken pieces. I keep saying that the old Adam is back, but it is so untrue. That characteristic passion and excitement is back, God gave it back to me, but it is balanced now with a little bit of wisdom (I still have so much to learn). So I’m so totally into what God is doing here in this city through IMC.

I am always told I am a natural leader and have a big influence on people, whether it is negative or positive. Well, I’ve been meeting with a small group of men who are a part of IMC too and to see what God is doing in their lives is nothing short of remarkable. God uses such messy things doesn’t He? He uses me to influence these guys and challenge them to get close to Him. Now they are challenging each other and growing more passionate about God too. I am blessed to see all this. Dan wrote on my facebook wall a couple weeks ago, after God renewed my passion and started showing me what He is doing through and with me, that totally sums up how it is, “ok.......so you did a professional "grown up" gig tonight? welcome to your future, youngblood.God has big plans for you, amigo. you couldn't mess it up if you tried (God's sovereignty:)......and God knows......you have tried!”

How true is that? Even when I try to screw it up, God is in control, thankfully. Along those lines, I got another promotion! I’m managing a region of field people who inspect vehicles. This is a totally new gig because I am now looked to as a manager and able to make decisions and such. Like today I made this proposal to create a new position that will help us be more efficient, I’m still running numbers on a salary, description and such, but the point is that God has set me up in a job to do all this. With all this comes more responsibility with the people I meet and interactions I have and financially. I’ve been really convicted with two big issues lately that I am currently praying through, self-discipline and finances. This is an ongoing work God is doing in me and I strive to truly give away my entire life to follow Christ and hope that when anyone would look at my budget and personal management patterns they could say, “this cat loves God.”

My passion for church planting continues to grow as I meet people and interact with my local community. God has given me such a big desire to see this city changed by and for Christ. I just had a conversation with what’s turning into a good friend about local churches being unified and helping each other in order to see the kingdom advance above our own personal preferences. Exciting conversations. Then I had a conversation with this cat with the young actors theatre here in Indy about how we could partner up and make an impact in this city and specifically use a large community space that is pretty well known. God is doing big things in this city and just keeps showing me and allowing me to be a part of them. As much as I’d love to say sometime soon I’ll be living back in Jacksonville living up the beach lifestyle with all my old friends, my heart has been stolen by a city called Indianapolis.

I’m still in school; I’m actually in my last class to get my BS in ministry and leadership. I plan on taking a semester off and then continuing my pursuit of my masters in divinity. Doesn’t that sound fancy? I could care less about the degree, but I am just so hungry for more knowledge. I plan on taking Hebrew and Greek so I can truly understand the original language the Bible was written in. Not so I can boast in my knowledge, but so I can be better equipped to know God and disciple others to follow Him and ultimately change this city, one heart at a time.

Please pray for continued favor in the hearts of men here in this city, at my job, within other organizations we will partner with, and especially my neighbors downtown in my local coffee joint. I still have a desire to serve in Africa at some capacity. Please pray that I would be faithful with the finances and opportunities God grants me. Always pray that I follow Christ and continue to have a huge heart for His Word and this city.

So that’s my life folks. Hope you enjoyed. I’ve attached a couple new pictures of me from random things I’ve done recently (trip to the mountains and generally hanging out with friends). Please let me know how I can pray for you or help you in any way. The body of Christ is bigger than this distance between us! Thanks for keeping up with me too.

That’s it folks, the adventures of a broken man in Indy.


  1. hey man, thanks for sharing your heart with the blog-reading world. and thanks for your input at creative team the other night. you've got mad skills. :)

  2. Thanks Krista, I enjoy seeing God use other people to help with the growth of IMC, it was encouraging to see you girls dig in to the Word like that.

  3. I'm pretty flipping excited for Indianapolis! Can't wait to hear how God turns things upside down through you, stranger. : )

    Waiting, Expecting, and Praying,

  4. We miss you already!! Loved it when you said "my heart has been stolen by a city called Indianapolis". Keep going strong while god has you there. It is for a season and you never know when that season will end (speaking from experience! ha) don't have any regrets when that time comes! Crazy Love...