Monday, October 27, 2008

I Found God at 14,000 and Falling

So if you haven’t noticed by reading the below post, I went sky diving for my birthday. People keep asking me questions about it, how it felt, what it was like, was I scared, etc. and all I say is, “Indescribable, I went in with all these expectations and fears and doubts, but it was the coolest experience of my life and I can’t really explain it fully to you, you just have to try it.” Now all I can talk about is sky diving and just remember how cool it was, I watch my skydiving video at least once a day, just reliving the excitement.

I went sky diving on a Saturday afternoon and I haven’t stop thinking about it and telling people how exciting it was yet, I don’t think I will ever be able to shake it honestly. On the ride home Drew and I speak straight college frat boy language and occasionally will say, “Dude!” to which the other responds, “Dude!” We both totally understood what we meant, but in our excitement we could barely speak and only came up with one word.

Shouldn’t our walk with Jesus be something like sky diving? Consider it for a minute. This was really weighty to me walking around Chicago Saturday night.

Everyone who asks me about my skydiving experience say that they wouldn’t ever go because they would not like the feeling or the heights. They have this preconceived set of presumptions towards skydiving that holds them back from doing it. I thought it would be scary, my stomach would drop like it does when you go onto a roller coaster, thought I would never be able to jump out of the plane. Everything I expected was different in reality, what I actually experienced. People watch all these stupid shows that show things like skydiving going wrong and people dying when the reality is that you are more likely to get killed in an auto accident than skydiving, but no one is frightened by the thought of driving are they? False presumptions hold back many people from a life that is more exciting than they actually have been led to believe. The life of following Jesus is the most adventurous lifestyle I think anyone can live. You are basically acting contrary to almost every aspect of life that the mass media and majority population approve of. You are a rebel with a cause. If people would stop listening to what everyone says and try it for themselves they’d realize it is much like skydiving, the best experience of the life. Take the Bible for instance. Most people who say it isn’t true know nothing about it outside of what bitter people say. So they are unwilling to try it for themselves and therefore rob themselves of the opportunity to really read something for them and experience a living god. False presumptions are dangerous, they hold you back from great things like skydiving and God.

If you watch my video you will notice at the end of the video I was so excited I could barley speak. I did this on Saturday Oct 18. It is now Monday Oct 27 and I am still excited as can be about doing it. I watch the video at least once a day. I look at the pictures and get goose bumps. I can’t stop thinking about it. Isn’t that how we should think about God?

Skydiving and God, I would have never drawn that parallel before. Drop your presumptions about Jesus, God, the Bible, Christians, and experience it. Once you experience it, never stop thinking about it, be excited about it. Living for God makes jumping out of a plane look like going to the dentist, try it.

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