Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Train

I always harp on one of best friends about keeping their blog site up to date because I love reading about them and their family. She tells me that I need to do an update instead of just things that role around in my head about what I study and experience. Well, here is my attempt and I am really going to try to get better about updating those of you who do read this from far away (Hope this makes you smile Danae). So ALL ABOARD....the crazy train I call my life. Since July I have been living in a new place with a roommate. I’ll be the first to say that this has been a really big test for me. Not that we don’t get a long, it is just getting used to a different person who has opposite living habits and routines than you do sharing the same space. I find myself always finding something that bothers me, so I’v really had to try hard to shut up, which is hard for me as you know. Well, another good friend of mine gives me this advice, “Drop your ego and just serve him, just serve your roommate and let him figure out the things that are not good by himself, because you cannot change him.” Great advice, so that is what I am doing, cleaning the apartment, bathroom, kitchen, trash, etc. I’m learning that I need to serve him in order to live like Jesus would want me to live, so I’m trying my hardest to do so. We always joke around and say that it is getting me prepared to get married. In a lot of ways I guess a marriage would be similar, except your wife wouldn’t be an over six foot tall man with long hair and a goatee, unless you are in to that kind of thing, I’m not though, I prefer my wife to be a beautiful, petite, woman that smells nice…lol.

You’ll never guess where I am writing this email from…yea…good guess….my local coffee shop that I practically live in. I came back to Jacksonville and met with a friend that I really hadn’t had the chance to connect with since I moved and we were just talking about everything that has changed and who I am up here and she says, “Adam, you used to talk about what you wanted to become when you moved up there and you have become what you set out to be, everything sounds like exactly how you wanted it.” That was encouraging to me because often times I feel like the black sheep of all my family and friends. I abandoned everything I knew to chase after God on this reckless trip into the Midwest. Now three years later I love the fact that I am known by name at this coffee shop and that I have formed friendships with the people who work there and come in and out. Because of that I always find myself talking to people about life and what they think about it all. Naturally, this leads me into talking about Jesus. So it is totally not your typical “witnessing” but it is more like me just talking with friends about something that is a basic part of who I am, not like I’m selling something nice and shiny that they need. Funny, I am in the middle of writing this and a guy just walks up to me that I always see (he is the guy that said his dream was like an efen oasis) and says, “Hey bro, I came across this Psalm and its efen (apparently he likes this word) crazy, I think it is my favorite one now. It’s Psalm 91. How cool, this is the guy I was telling to read the bible for himself and now he tells me he is and has actually found something he likes and speaks to him. Amazing! I love where God has me! So I am pretty much know around these parts as the guy who sits at the coffee joint at the corner table listening to Pandora, blogging, and reading his bible. I like that. Often times I get messed up feeling like I am not of much worth because I don’t make good money or have some great family planned out, but as I reflect on who God has molded me into, I must say THANK YOU!

My heart continues to bleed and beat for church planting. The need for the message of Christ to infiltrate our urban cities in a relevant way that transcends lifestyle or Sunday morning preference and meets people where they are and lets them face Jesus even if its at a bar or over a conversation dropping the f-bomb several times. I’ve changed so much because of adapting to this culture. I rock designer jeans, t-shirts, and either chucks or a wild pair of old school neon colored shoes. I use terms like gnarly, rad, cheers, mate, and wicked. It’s funny because this is not who I was when I left Jacksonville, but I guess things change as you immerse yourself into culture. I have a huge heart for people who have been hurt by Christianity (in the context of the ugly judgmental traditional religion) and want nothing to do with Jesus. It’s funny to see my socially aware and justice hungry generation reject someone who actually came up with all the ideas they believe so much in. It’s my burning desire to get them to see who Jesus is through their lenses, whatever that may be and to get rid of all the outside noise that has influenced them to hate or reject Jesus. I’ve backed off from doing a lot at Indy Metro, not because I dislike it. I still believe in a church downtown, I just promised myself this year would be about my walk with Christ no matter what the sacrifice and in my case it was giving up being involved in everything. I naturally like to have my hands in everything and have a say and know that my opinion matters, but now I think that God is wanting me to focus on Him and listen for what He wants me to do. I’ll be done at Crossroads Bible College in December, but still have to take about 2 semester worth of electives, so I may go to a local community college to meet some new folks and get a different view of things by taking a couple world religion and sociology classes. I am going to get recertified as an EMT up here so maybe I’ll go work at a hospital or something. Who knows honestly. That’s where I am. I don’t know what is next for me. I have recently had talks with one of my professors about the possibility of going to China, then I have a friend in Kenya who has hooked me up with a ministry out there that looks after abandoned children and AIDS orphans. Plus the thought of moving to a totally new city to start a movement of LOVE (I’m talking about Jesus here people!) is something that immediately gets me excited. I’m always in need of prayer for doors to open and things to work out, but more than anything I need to hear God’s voice in all this because I refuse to make impulsive decisions, I must follow Him. It will be interesting to look back in my journal this time next year and see what is going on.

On a random note, I am growing my hair out again, not cutting it for a year, I will only keep my neck and around my face cleaned up, but the rest is going long hair and don’t care style. I’m on a new weight gaining program and plan on hitting 190 before the year is over. I’ve recently started a small group (if you want to call it that) where me and a couple guy friends just get together and talk about our faith, life, and pray for each other. I think this is powerful because there is nothing systematic about it at all and it is truly just genuine followers of Christ coming together to try to grow and encourage one another. Some great friendships have been born out of this. I don’t use the friendship term loosely either, I mean guys praying together, hanging out outside of the church context, going through hard things together type stuff. I’ve learned a ton about the man God is continuing to create me to be out of all this. I have a natural ability to lead others and create authentic relationships and I can for some odd reason start a conversation with a wall, but that’s only if it is not a beautiful female wall, which brings me to my next point. You’ve probably been scanning this post looking for this because it is typically the first question I get asked by people who do not have daily contact with me, “Any new girls in your life?” The answer is no. I see beautiful women that are Christians all the time, but because I am so afraid of becoming the pig I used to be before I started following Christ I swing to the extreme of doing nothing and letting opportunities pass me by. I thought I found a woman I could accept and be myself around, totally unafraid of the future and not afraid of commitment (because as you all know this is a problem I have), but she didn’t feel the same. I was and still am sometimes crushed by this, but God taught me a lot through it and I was able to get a much more mature thought process on this whole relationship thing. I pray (not prey like my brother loves to tell me to do) all the time for God to fulfill my desire for a wife and keep my eyes open, so one day I can answer your question with a yes. Other random things to tell you…hmmm….well, I am STILL not a Colts fan and never plan on being one. I am a diehard Jags fan. I’ll be honest too, I’m not sad to see Brady’s injury and the Colts still limping due to theirs. I really think we have a chance to take the AFC South this year! I’m still working on building my fixed gear bike (if you don’t know what that is, look it up). It is really big up here and the trendy thing to do if you live downtown, so yes, I am jumping on the band wagon! The problem is, I have really expensive taste and often find myself looking to spend close to $1,000 on a bike, but cannot bring myself to do it, so I’m just building one as I get money to blow.

Well, I’ve pretty much poured myself out on this one, I don’t have much else to say… So I am going to continue studying Romans, I’m only on CH 10 and I started back over a month ago, Paul is just s brilliant and the book is so rich you cant read it to quick, it takes a lot o chewing and digesting. Hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures, please feel free to hit me up on Facebook or shoot me an email aslope@gmail.com. Please keep me in your prayers as I really feel like God is wanting to do something with me, I just need to be smart enough to not miss the boat. I pray you find the joy of Christ like I have and can never look back and say what if, jump into those open doors, run over those shady looking bridges, and abandon all rationale thinking and run head strong, fast, and faithfully into the wind right after our savior Christ Jesus!


  1. I LOVE it!! Please don't wait for a year to do that kind of update again :) I miss it so much up there...I love hearing you talk about it there, but honestly, I'll admit it makes me jealous!! Oh, to be back in the "city"! One day, hopefully. Amazing to see where God has brought us and how He continues to teach us. I'm glad we were able to experience it together these past few years!

  2. I LOVE it!! Please don't wait for a year to do that kind of update again :) I miss it so much up there...I love hearing you talk about it there, but honestly, I'll admit it makes me jealous!! Oh, to be back in the "city"! One day, hopefully. Amazing to see where God has brought us and how He continues to teach us. I'm glad we were able to experience it together these past few years!

  3. Thanks Adam. I really enjoyed reading it... and linking to it today from IndyChristian.TV. And it helps remind me that God's not finished with me yet either. Oh don't get me wrong -- I'm a Colts fan already, but no doubt there's some OTHER way God intends to sanctify me. Smile.

  4. Hey homie... nice photo credit :o)

  5. I love it too! You know you have a knack for writing??!! :) Anyway I do like reading your thoughts, loved the latest about the big bang and faith...but it is cool to hear what your life is like for those of us not around. It is cool to hear how life in Indy is through your eyes and how God has you right where he wants you. He is transforming you before our very eyes. It was great seeing you in person a few weeks ago- you challenge us and help us grow too! Keep writing boy in coffee shop!