Monday, September 22, 2008

Cats eat Donkeys for Dinner!

My hands were covering my face, my heart was in my big toe, and my stomach felt like it was upside down. They just stopped us on a 4th down play. Everyone around me screamed with joy, especially my friend Drew who decided to get on his knees beside me and scream yes! Then what may have been my favorite color of all time in that moment laid upon that beautiful, monstrous field, a simple yellow flag! This was the scene at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon. If you watched ESPN or any other sporting network or had a chance to watch the game you know what I am talking about. The Jaguars were down a point with a little less than a minute left to play and this stop by Indy would have cost us the game. But a dumb decision by a Colts defensive guy caused that beautiful yellow flag to be thrown out onto the field.

The Jaguars running game was ridiculous yesterday, it mad the Colts defense look in the best way like a high school team. Our run is unstoppable if you are a colt, little Mo-Jo (Maurice Jones-Drew) seems like a 7 foot 300 pounder to you. But it wasn’t our run offense that ultimately led to the big V, it was a super man of a kick by Josh Scobee. 51 yards away from the goal and it was 4th down with 8 second to go. My heart was beating faster than a cocaine addicted chipmunk. Snap…Kick…the ball seemed to move in slow motion as it entered the middle of the uprights…then screams by upset Colts fan and and pure joy by maybe 15 Jaguar’s fans. It’s good! The Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts 23 to 21. Thank you Jaguars for giving me an escape from the horrible fans in blue. Over confident and thinking they were unbeatable; they now all are chewing on their feet.

After the game I remember all of the colt fans booing me, pointing fingers in my face, and saying some pretty obscene things to me during and before the game. How could I lay my head down in complete rest that night if I didn’t do a little personal victory lap around the city of Indianapolis. 60 thousand Colts fans left the stadium with their heads hanging in shame as I, and a few other crazy Jaguar fans, proudly floated out of that stadium. As traffic was jammed up downtown I ran through the cars creaming, “We won!” I was wearing my Maurice Jones-Drew Jersey and Jaguars hat! As I walked past sad Colts fans I would tell them, “Sorry about your loss, good game,” then smile and walk away. Oh how nice it felt to be the minority victor in a hostile city! Victory is sweet, but it is even sweeter in the face of arrogant football fans. The Colts are not immortal, they have been served a swift reality check of a defeat at the hands of a very hungry and now second ranked AFC South team called the Jaguars. So until the next time these warriors meet on Dec 18 in Jacksonville in an epic AFC South showdown I will proudly wear my Jaguars gear each Sunday and remember the sweet taste of victory while I was sitting in Lucas Oil Stadium amongst so many rivals.

I’ve attached some pictures for entertainment purposes. Enjoy! Also, I made a bet with some friends that if the Jaguars lost I would wear Colts gear and paint my face blue and white next Sunday to church, but if the Colts lost they (Ben, Andrew, and Ryan) would have to wear Jaguars gear and paint their faces. Oh how nice it will be to see this next Sunday. I anxiously await until then!
This is my boy Drew covering his face in shame after the game!!!!

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