Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beauty in the Speed Odometer

In general I try not to speak the first hour in the morning and when I do drive, rarely, I try not to listen to music at all. Weird habits right? Well, my mind moves a million miles a minute and there is never a moment that I am not thinking about the reason I’m thinking about what I’m thinking about. It’s a crazy mind that God has given me, but it’s me and I’ve had to learn how to control it and use it constructively. Well, this morning I was driving to school and about 10 minutes into the drive I just say, “wow!” I was taken back by something simple, but because God has given me this crazy mind, it lead me to see small things a really beautiful and have a little moment with God that revealed how big He is and how small I am. The wow moment was brought by the simple reality that I was driving.

Here’s what is beautiful about driving: There is this little pedal that I cannot see at the floorboard of this multiple ton S.U.V. I’m driving that controls the speed that I travel. The little pedal is connected to a lever somewhere in my engine that release the right amount of gasoline that makes my truck accelerate. Then there is this circular thing right in front of me with buttons that correspond with the little unseen pedal and I can push a plus or minus sign to make this big machine go faster if I chose. There is a gauge with a needle that gives me a pretty precise idea of how fast I am going by the amount of pressure I put on this pedal. Not only that but who did all that math to make the amount of pressure correspond to an estimate of distance and time. That’s just in the vehicle I’m driving alone. Then there is the reality that my eyes and feet work together to put pressure or relieve pressure form this little pedal if I feel I am going to slow or fast. My brain must be going crazy! Then I have to control this little wheel, think about how much I need to turn it and then make the adjustment while I use my feet and eyes to control my acceleration all driven by this little pedal I cannot even see. All this is happening in my car, but there are other cars passing me at greater speeds within a couple feet of me. Then on top of that some of the people driving them are drinking, talking on cell phones, eating, shaving, or putting on makeup. This is complicated isn’t it? If you didn’t know how I think before this blog, welcome to my mind, try not to get lost. J

I thought about all that in about a second while I was driving and I was taken aback by the complexities of the situation I found myself in. We are very intelligently designed beings. I drive without thinking about it. I remember I used to have a manual car and I used to drive, talk on the phone, eat, and shift gears, all at the same time. Does this not make you think, “Wow!”? God made us this way. It is times like that when I am reminded of how BIG God is and how small I am. When I realize how small I am and then know that He cares about me, little ole me, I am amazed and have to stop and thank Him. My point in all this is to just point out how creative God is and how much He gives to us and because of that our response should be worship. May you see God in little things that are actually HUGE! May you respond to that with worship. In this world full of complexities God wants something simple, your heart, your love, your worship.

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