Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I went on vacation back to FL from 08/15-08/24 and here are some short stories and thoughts:

I flew back home for 10 days last week and was able to find a bit of rest and a bit of unrest and thought I’d just share. I flew into Tampa Fri Aug 15 around 10pm. When I landed my sister in-law picked me up from the airport. She was just getting back from a women’s conference, Women of Faith. We stopped by Taco Bell on the way back to their house and had a good laugh. I ordered what I always do, a number 2 (Chicken GSB with a Mountian Dew Baja Blast to drink). Well, I’m telling her what I want because I’m in the passenger seat and when I say Baja Blast she dies laughing and can’t pronounce it and says Waja and just is all thrown off by my choice of drink. It was pretty fun.

I woke up the next morning to my little niece saying, “Wake up Uncle Adam.” I’ll admit I’m a bit disappointed with this uncle Adam business. She used to call me Abu because she couldn’t say Uncle Adam. She is such a little soft spoken beautiful girl. Saturday morning my brother, Faith, and I packed up and went to the children’s museum. We spent 4.5 hours there. She is the age now where she is processing things like you she loves and how people are involved in her life, so it was cool to get hugs and kisses and getting told by my 3 year old niece, “Love you Uncle Adam.” I remember when she was just born, it seems like last week, but she is 3 now. It was awesome seeing and spending time with her. She is so stinkin’ smart too. She has this puzzle of the United States that is not sectioned off like most toddler puzzles and takes memory for where each state is. So as she puts this puzzle together she picks up Indiana and says Uncle Adam, because she knows that is where I live, she picks up Pennsylvania and says Lola because she knows that is where her Aunt Laura lives. She remembers where all the states go and names them as she puts them in to their appropriate spots. I was so impressed with her memory skills. Chris and I stayed up late Sat night debating our different views of faith and how to impact the world with it. Although we argue and sometimes may get angry, I always learn something from our conversations. Sunday morning Chris had a break down about not having new clothes…it was so funny because my brother is really laid back and doesn’t EVER freak out about stuff, but he did about not having clothes! So Sunday night after we got done with everything, Nicole and I sat in the room while he tried on everything in his closet and we told him yes or no. We organized his closet for him and went and bought him more clothes earlier in the day. Shopping with two of my best friends is hilarious. Chris was in the bathroom and when he came out we called him over to the jeans section and we just happened to be around the Lee section. “Heck No!” Chris says. So we die laughing telling stories about growing up having to wear jeans and how he was always husky and I was always in the slim sizes. It was so fun! Nicole, Faith, and I drove up to Jacksonville to avoid Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay. On the way I bought her a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal toy doll thing and really hope she remembers that Uncle Adam got that for her. Out of all of it, I was so proud to see my brother and his wife live life as a great married couple and great parents.

Nicole dropped me off at the Bunso’s house when we got into Jacksonville. I was met at the door by Mariah and Isaiah who were all excited to see Uncle Adam. The Bunso’s are two of my closest friends. I lived with them when we first moved to Indianapolis and watched their kids grow from infants to toddlers. So we have a really close bond, like family except without the blood line being the same. It is always great staying up late with Carl and Danae telling stories, remembering things, and most of all just laughing. I really enjoy being around them. Tuesday morning I feel this little presence and warm breathe over my face. I open my eyes to see this beautiful little girl saying, “Uncle Adam, can I do arts and crafts?” I look at my phone to see what time it is…8 am. “Why, Mariah?” I respond. “Because I want to Uncle Adam.” How do you turn down that? So I get up at 8 and get her all set up in the kitchen to paint. Then this little tornado comes twisting through the kitchen and I realize the little wild man is Isaiah. “Tow me da ball Untle Adum,” he says. So as Mariah is in the kitchen painting Isaiah and I are playing baseball in the living room. This kid is an amazing little boy. Go to the Bunso’s blog page and watch a video of him playing basketball, truly amazing. He is just so athletic and coordinated to be so young. So I’m standing at the front door and he is close to the back door (probably a 30 foot distance. “Towittomenah,” He exclaims! Now Isaiah is funny because he isn’t too good on his R’s yet, but is actually very well spoken and speaks fast, so Throw it to me now comes out at one funny word. I over hand pitch this soft squeezable ball (that’s my justification for playing inside) to him and he consistently hits it, I mean he chokes up and everything, his hand eye coordination is better than most grown ups I know. Carl and I go to Bono’s for dinner while Danae and the kids were at the gym on night and had a great conversation about all kind of stuff. The one and only day I went to the beach was with Danae and the kids too. I took them out to the sand bar and we walked probably a good half mile looking in the water between the bar and shore for fish. All we could find was jelly fish, so I would scope them out and put them on the sand and we would just look at them, they thought it was so cool, then I’d push it back into the water fro where it came. So here I am in what feels like Heaven, walking down the beach with my niece and nephew loving life. I start looking up at the sky and it is overcast anyway, but I notice these huge dark heavy looking clouds coming towards us. So we high tail it back to where Dane was and right as we are getting on shore the wind starts picking up and the clouds are all around us. So we are running back to the truck as the winds are almost pushing us over. The kids must have thought we were all going to get blown away. Tuesday night Isaiah was getting sick and wanted me to sleep with him in his bed, it was so cute. I laid there and he would just whisper all kind of things, questions and then at one point he looks at me and just says, “I love you Untle Adum.” Heart warming indeed! Anyways, my time with the Bunso’s was awesome; I really enjoy connecting with their family because they are probably the closest people to me.

The Fam
I got some time to spend with Mom and other people in the family as well. I got to see my Nana. I love her so much! She is so sweet. I was able to go to the mall with Mom and it was good to just some time with me and her to talk a little. It’s always good to get some time in with Mom. Danny is so busy with school that we didn’t get to spend time together but we were able to hang out and watch movies late night though. I got to actually hang out with my sister and her boyfriend on the last weekend I was there. He is a cool cat. I hooked up his computer for hi man we got into some meaningful conversations. It’s nice to see my sister happy and with a godly man. I look forward to having as a part of our family.

Family of Strangers
I actually got to see my biological father and his family as well. I haven’t seen him in nearly 14 years. He left when I was little and we haven’t spoken since the last time I saw him in 1996. I had to work through this whole idea of forgiveness with him and once I was told he had been in the hospital with a brain bleed for 7 weeks, I had to take the opportunity to forgive him and try to reconcile that relationship. That is a whole book in itself. But it was good to see him and his family. It was interesting for sure, but good. So maybe they won’t be strangers and maybe one day we can have a “normal” relationship.

Well, as you can tell from my sections getting shorter and shorter I am a bit gased from writing this blog. In summing up the whole trip I’d say it was amazing to spend time with my family. The storm was there the entire time so I saw the sun one time the entire ten days I was there. I love my family and friends in Jax but realize God has me in Indianapolis, so I’m back on the grind here.

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