Monday, August 4, 2008

Dorm Room Jesus

I’m bored at work and start flipping through my usual sites where I find cool stuff to read. I come across this article ( click on the word ARTICLE)read it, and once you have dried your eyes and collected yourself continue to read this.

Wow right? That’s about all I could say as I wiped the tears from my eyes too.

Isn’t this what the whole experience is about? It was this beautifully authentic girl named Christa that just couldn’t stop talking about how God changed her that brought another girl to know Jesus, right on time. I wonder how often people see this in me? Do people see my deep passion for Christ and do they get a desire to want to know Him as well. I pray I can have this kind of influence on people in my generation and I pray I can live to see my statistically awful generation know Jesus and spread His truth through lifestyle and relationships. That’s beautiful, that’s life conquering death, that’s Jesus Christ lived out in a dorm.

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