Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Pad, New Man

I’ve moved, I’ve changed, I’ve become the proud recipient of a 60” television. Go ahead re-read that mug! Yup, I’m rolling on 60 inches these days. Big thangs poppin! So I’ll attach some new pictures of the place, it is quite great. I have a roommate that will take some getting used to because I’ve lived alone since I was 19. I am praying God will open up opportunities to meet some new people in the complex and build some relationships with opportunities to tell them about Jesus.

If you are dying to send me house warming gifts (like cash or grocery gift certificates) wait no longer, here is my address:

234 E 9th St., Apartment 105
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The cell is still the same. Enjoy the photos and view of my ridiculous closet and shoe collection.

Kitchen, where the grubbing gets down!

The other side of my room.

Yes, I am a genius and I do read a lot, got to learn about Jesus ya know? Oh yea and I am a baller in case you didn't know, check out that nice indoor ball, never touched concrete.

Crazy amounts of clothes and my collection of kicks, absurd I know...

Entry to my room...nothing too cool.

I no longer have to go to a laundry facility in a basement or wait 2 months to do laundry, I have a wahser and dryer in my apartment.

It's the John, notice that huge ceramic toothpaste, a local artist gave it to me at a gallery opening, I love it, how many peope do you know with an 80lb tube of toothpaste? right....

Again, another shot of the hallway, check out those cool little shelves.

This is just a shot of the hallway, I'm not an Obama supported, its just a cool picture, I could care less about politics.

Sick living room with a wicked rad 60 inch tv....Cheers!

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