Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Tonight I sat on a roof downtown and watched fireworks get shot off the top of a large building in celebration of our nation’s independence from the empire of Great Britain. Maybe I’m just a pessimist or think too seriously too much, but I find it sad that the fireworks that we enjoy watching are really illustrations of what was seen by the soldiers when America first became free, gunshots and war. I know we are not celebrating those gunshots and war, but the fireworks themselves represent them, which is sad, any kind of war, loss of life is truly sad, or should be in the eyes of anyone who claims to be a follower of Christ. Shouldn’t it? Life does take on a new importance once you realize it is God’s creation.

The irony I find in this holiday makes me seem anti-American to some, but I’m not anti-American, I am just pro Jesus and indifferent to another kingdom, I serve the most high. Ironically we celebrate escape and liberation from an empire, but are really only servants to another empire; this one just has an eagle, cynical voters, and a fascination with fast food. No one in America is really free and if we do say we are free what has this freedom produced? We work overtime, 60 hour weeks, and multiple jobs to support this lifestyle this freedom has allowed us to live. The freedom has come with a price, it really isn’t free at all, it cost us bondage to another empire, this empire is greed. The truth is America is not this horrible nation, but Americans are really not free as they like to think, our freedom is really just a façade of bondage to different masters, money, corporate America, the American dream, etc. There is no freedom in the context of civilization that we know. Think about it, everything ties you to something else that you continue to serve.

True freedom is only found in Christ. He says that the truth will set us free. The truth sets us free to forgive, love, free to not put our confidence in money, free to have faith, free to be confident that we are loved by God. This liberation is truly free. Independence Day, the 4th of July is not the big picture, it is a small reminder of what independence we are truly offered in Christ. I’m not against the 4th at all, I’m just saying it is not a celebration of my freedom because I wasn’t free until I met Christ. May you know this freedom and be able to shoot off your fireworks and celebrate everyday. Happy Independence Day, I hope that you find yourself free indeed

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