Wednesday, July 2, 2008

34% of the Farm, an old quilt, and collectable thimbles

There is the red bull commercial out right now that shows a man leaving his last possessions and a large portion of money to a young, hot woman instead of his wife. The wife drinks a rd bull, flies up to heaven to hunt him down and have him resign it. Cute little deal right? I know that my grandma is leaving me some portion of a mountain somewhere in the great state of Kentucky. We have all heard of crazy stories of wills. Wills that leave things behind to loved ones. Most of the time wills that leave a good some of things behind are signed by wealthy men and women who gave their lives to earning a good living and being able o leave their family with something of worth when they die. A will is a pretty simple idea. The problem is that in these kinds of wills we see young heirs blow it all the minute they turn 18 on drugs, women, cars, and other temporary things. All these things are of value to someone else, which leads to the thought that all these things are really insignificant in the long run because they are temporary.

I won’t be able to shake this memory ever. I was out with friends listening to live music and grabbing a bite to eat on Saturday night. I could not hear my phone and was just having a good time so didn’t look at it until I got home around midnight. There was one new text message. I opened it up and man was my world rocked. This is what it read, “June went to be with the Lord this evening around 10.” June is the lady I blogged about before in Flowers and Theology. I must say that she had one of the biggest faiths I had ever seen. The entire time we all visited her at the hospital it wasn’t her that needed encouragement and strength, it was us. She was a great illustration of picking up her cross and following Jesus (Luke 9:22-26). She drug behind her the cancer, all the times she was assaulted in her apartment, she drug behind her broken relationships, family issues, and all the scars of her past, she drug that heavy load all the way until 10 on Saturday night. She drug that cross following Jesus and inspired so many along the way. Sunday was a weird day at the church gathering service. We had all come accustomed to seeing her smile, feeling the love in her hugs, watching her go ight down to the front of the theatre to soak up ever bit of knowledge about Jesus she could. She was bound to a wheelchair, but often times we would watch her fight to her feet and just lift her hands during worship. June was not there Sunday, she was with Jesus. No longer was she bound to a wheelchair, no longer did cancer eat her body up, no longer did she need to carry pain, she was dancing with Jesus, free of the oppressions of this world.

As I stood there in the lobby, I just looked into a friend’s eyes from across the room, we need not speak words, but just embraced for we both knew what was making our eyes so deep and hearts so heavy. We miss her already, but know she is with Jesus and exactly where she had wanted to be, in the arms of her Father. Person after person I watched come in with those same eyes, that heavy spirit, and all we could do was embrace one another. While some would cry others would mourn in a deep silence. What was it that made this woman so inspirational? It was her faith. Many people in her old apartment complex came to hear about Jesus and why He was such a big deal because of her. She would tell drug dealers and alcoholics alike in those hallways that she loved them and wanted to see them do something better with their lives. She would check in on people. When she moved out of that apartment building everyone cried because they knew their protector Ms June was no longer there.

She was not wealthy by any means of the word (according to American standards). She didn’t have any possessions to leave behind, no lump sums of cash, but what she did leave behind was more than any heiress could dream to have. Ms June left behind a huge legacy; she left behind her faith in Jesus Christ. That kind of will makes more sense to me than any other. She didn't leave beind the odd things people normally do in wills, like 34% of the Farm, an old quilt, and collectable thimbles. Her strength while laying in those hospital beds helped us be stronger. The faith she had when told she had stage four cancer and would lose all her hair, that faith gave us more faith. Ms June’s will would probably read a little something like this:

“Dear friends and family, I love you so much, but don’t be sad for me, I’m with Jesus and don’t hurt anymore. I want you to know who Jesus is, He helped me get through that life and I pray I see you one day in heaven. Praise Him, because if we don’t the rocks will!”

Oh those words, “Praise Him, because if we don’t the rocks will.” June couldn’t wait to praise God because she knew He was worthy and if she didn’t something else would. She looked at worshipping Jesus as an honor and lived until her last breath loving and following Jesus. Thank You June for leaving us with your story, your faith, and strength. That is the kind of will I want to leave behind, isn’t it the best kind, one that is priceless and can last forever. So now we say goodbye, tomorrow is the viewing and Thursday is the funeral. As we lower her body in the ground, we know she is present with the Father, we know she is dancing with Jesus. Dance on June, what a beautiful will she left us, dance on, dance on!

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  1. Much love to Ms. June :)
    What an amazing lady!! I do miss her- but know she is dancing away right now :)