Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update, laundry, and white kicks

So I’m sitting here on a Sat night doing laundry, sitting in my new white kicks (new dc loafer looking one’s, they are hot for sure) thinking I should write an update blog and then post some things I’ve been wanting to work on for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to. So without further ruckus…drum roll….applause…distant screams of “I love you!”…lighters waving back and forth…here is the update:

I must apologize for being a poser first. My blog has been slacking lately, partially due to my schedule and life being crazy and partially because I feel bad pouring out what I’ve not filled up (I’ll explain later). Well, I am moving to another apartment downtown. I was going to move into a sweet duplex in a cool artsy part of town called Fountain Square but the guys at last minute backed out of the deal. Meanwhile I had already put in my 60 day notice with my apartment. MY apartment is gorgeous, great view, and only two blocks form the center of the city, so needless to say, it went very fast. I called my apartment complex once the duplex deal fell through and they had already leased my place effective June 30. Basically I has three weeks to find a place to live, of course, trying to stay downtown, this created some uncomfortable circumstances. Downtown Indy is funny and beautiful because of the dilemma I ran into though. You can find posh pads for some serious cheese or right next door find a mess of a dump for cheap change. Both are great locations, but only one is worth living in without getting some kind of hepatitis without having to sell your leg to afford it. Well, I prayed God would just drop something in my lap (if you know me, you know I didn’t sit around and just wait on God though), but ran around town frantically trying to make things happen anyways. I had come to the point of joking about being homeless June 30 and almost just given up hope, but something (God) told me to just ride around downtown after the gym one night to clear my head. So I’m riding around a really cool artsy part of downtown (the Northeast Quad) and saw this gnarly looking old brick building, it just had one of those urban old school looks to it. I called the number the next day and found out it was a two bedroom right in my price range. My friend Zack and I looked at it and it was perfect, everything brand new inside, new wood floors, carpets in bedrooms, huge walk in closets (which is perfect for my huge wardrobe), and most of all within walking distance of everything important to my life (besides my little brother, Tank). So, next weekend I’m moving again, I hate moving, but at least I’m not the Bunso’s… If you know them then that is very funny, but if not ignorance is bliss ey? The Lord provided the perfect place in the perfect time even though I was stressed out to the max (my own fault due to lack of faith) waiting for Him.

I’m still in school at Crossroads Bible College. I’m entering my fourth and final semester and will be done taking classes in December, looking to walk in May. I’ll graduate with a BS, my degree is called Biblical Leadership and Ministry. What will I do with that, I have no clue, I feel God is really calling me to plant a church in an urban area, so the degree doesn’t matter to me, I just enjoyed learning and equipping myself better to serve Him more effectively. I guess the degree helps to be recognized by those who do care about it though. I’m steady taking notes of new things God is teaching me or convicting me of (more of the latter though). I’m meeting all kind of men and women who love the Lord and are passionate about Him, I get so excited when I meet new people excited about following Jesus and leading others to Him, it makes me feel like I’m finding the kind of people the Bible describes as followers of Christ. I’m keeping a notepad full of names and contact information from different guys I meet up here, I’m a huge advocate of paying attention to people who you cross paths with, I think God specifically allows me to meet certain people for future opportunities.

I have finally come to point of admission and surrender with God again on this college ministry stuff. I have avoided it for so long, fearful of failure, doubting my ability to lead, full of confusion and selfishness, but realized I was not looking toward Him to lead me in this, but myself and thus come all the fears and doubts. I have no clue what it looks like practically. I have dreams about it, I have fantasies about what a group of young people seeking Jesus looks like, but who knows how it will play out up here. College students are the most difficult group of people to deal with in my opinion. They are full of passion and opinions, but lacking the motivation and responsibility to actually do something with all that potential. I am praying God just continues to burden my heart for those who don’t know Jesus, have been scarred by the American flavor of church, bruised by Christian marketing, and met the bastard alternative to following Jesus called religion. To guide someone who has no religious background to understanding/comprehension of who Jesus is and what that means is a beautiful mess that I’m excited to dive straight into. Hands shaking, palms sweaty, stomach in knots, heart racing, but faith leading the way and fears just following. That’s my outlook on it all right now.

I’m coming back to Jacksonville/Tampa August 15-23. Hopefully I can catch up with friends and family. I’ve really realized how much I miss family and a close knit group of friends by living up here, but also how much I enjoy and am challenged by meeting new people in Indy.

So I’ll update those of you who care with my new mailing address and contact info once I move in. I really hope this blog is more than cheap entertainment for you, I hope it challenges you to love and learn about Jesus more, and really hope it makes you feel what I feel, see what I see, and keep in touch. Email me sometime, I love getting emails or Facebook wall posts. Miss you guys, keep grinding for Jesus!

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