Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tight Rope to Walk

There is a balance between being faithful and misunderstanding. Read this story. Apparently these parents misunderstood what it meant to be faithful. Their daughter is diabetic and became very ill, instead of taking her to the hospital they allowed her condition to get worse and worse until eventually the girl died. Before I go any further let me clarify that this is not going to be a blast on the parents! Those parents DO NOT NEED THAT RIGHT NOW! This is an issue of misunderstanding what being faithful looks like. Faith is different in each context. The wandering Israelites were faithful (for a little while) for God to provide them manna, all their daily needed food. I have faith for God to provide me with a job that provides for my needs, as well as housing. The parents allowed their child to be prayed over and said they had faith God would heal her. This is not to say God can’t heal people still, because He does all the time, I’ve been witness to several. But these people are living in the 21st century, in the wealthiest nation on the planet, in a time where modern medical help is easily available. Instead of using what God has put at their disposal they decided to pray. This is a fine line to tight rope walk because God still does miracles, but we must understand that those miracles are only to reveal His glory (or at least a study of Biblical miracles would expose such truth). Well, the girl died. Who knows all the details, but I know this, people are being taught false things and taking their faith out of the context of which God gave it to them in. This doesn’t limit God, but does make us rational thinkers. God calls us to be faithful, but not in such a manner that we ignore common sense things, like medical care.
So I wonder how many other lines we blur like this in our modern church? Speaking in tongues, healings, laying of the hands, evangelism, etc. If this family were in some third world country with no medical help available I’m sure it would make more sense for them to pray for a miraculous healing because that is all they could really trust to experience. I’ve been to church where the entire congregation has spoken in “tongues” (or at least that is what they told me). I don’t think God wants a church full of people just speaking in random gibberish for the sake of it. The gift of tongues is given for a reason. If I were stranded in Africa and God had called me to speak to locals in their native language (tongue) I do not doubt God would give one this gift in order to spread His gospel. I’ve heard several cases of terminally ill patience stop taking needed medications because they were told by some loopey big wig charismatic evangelist that they were healed. They ended up not being healed and died shortly after. Where is this balance? Do you find yourself leaning more towards one than the other. I think it has to do within which context or culture God has placed you in. So now it’s your turn…what do you think of this incident and the whole thin line between faith and craziness deal?

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