Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tears of Regret

The force of the blast scattered clothes and other household items outside the two-room home. A single white children's shoe, flattened by the explosion, lay on the ground near a blue pair of shorts covered in sand. A green baby seat, one end bent, stood empty.

This was the aftermath of an explosion of a home in the northern Gaza strip town of Beit.

Innocent death. Lives ended because of war that they have no place in. As we wave our red, white, and blue flags all across the nation, let us not forget those innocent lives being stolen away due to our violence. This is bigger than America, bigger than Republicans, Democrats, religions, or anything else. The violence is something that we have so accustomed to that when I read these stories, the first time doesn’t bother me because it’s always the same, some poor innocent family is whipped off the face of earth.
Can you imagine the pain this family must be going through? I cannot even taste a fraction. Where is their hope? They do not know it, they do not know Him. Instead they know American religion, politics, and bigotry. There is so much pain that these innocent deaths cause. Their families, the families of those who killed them, the people who read the news, me, you, everyone it touches practically. Next time you run across a story like this or flip past the news channel, stop, listen, and pray for healing of those families. Stop and consider what it must feel like to see the scene described upfront. Can we pray for these families, can we stop worshipping our flag long enough to consider other beings God longs to have a relationship with?? May you always pray for the lives of those affected by war (in any way) and always have mercy and love in your heart for those who do not know Jesus, the source of hope, a way out of the bottomless pit of despair they must be in after their family is taken away.

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