Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bearded Maturity

Spiritual Maturity is your conviction driving the bus and telling your emotions and doubts to sit down.

This is a quote from one of my favorite Pastors, he mentioned this one week in a sermon on spiritual maturity. Why is this an important quote or relevant in any sense? Well, we (humans) are emotional beings. We make decisions based upon emotions. Basically what happens is that we are born this way, but it’s like this uncontrollable disease we have. It isn’t until one meets Christ that controlling or managing emotions becomes anything significant. I hear it all the time, “I wish I could quote more Scripture,” “One day I want to be able to know the whole Bible,” ect. The point in Spiritual maturity is not to puke up more and more facts about God or quotes about Him. Spiritual maturity is truly controlling your emotions. So many things can be looked at as a failure to manage one’s emotions properly, a slanderous tongue, gossip, lashing out at people, anger, etc, you get the picture though. So I had to look myself in the reflection of my little laptop that morning and say, am I mature? What does that even look like?
Practically here are a couple examples. I want to tell him/her that she needs to stop being selfish because it is tearing people apart. I want to react to someone who talks about me behind my back by ripping their character apart and pointing out all their flaws. These would be bad moves. Maybe what I say will be right and even make sense to a third party, uninvolved obviously, but is it ever right to purely make an emotional decision. What is an emotional decision? I think in short one can say emotions are little chemical reactions to stimulus our body creates that release endorphins that make us feel whatever emotion that we do feel. If this is true then we would be unwise in making a decision based upon a reaction to a stimulus right? We should think about things before we do them, consider others, consider Christ, do them with love.
So spiritual maturity is not not having emotions, it is managing them in a such a way that they are balanced with rationale thought. Too much of either is dangerous though, too much emotion and you are a nut case, too much rationale and you’re a prude. Where do you fall I wonder (this is more of a rhetorical question than anything)? Are you spiritually mature by this definition? I wonder how often I act very very immature because I let my emotions rule me in certain circumstances. So it’s like do you have peach fuss or have you grown and matured to a full grown beard, burly and full of knowledge and maturity? By the way ladies, in no way is this condoning facial hair…

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